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I wish I’d known this when I was much younger. It would have saved much heartache and headache.

For years I was obsessed with what I was doing wrong, why I always felt I was walking and talking on “eggshells” and the follow-up internal dialogue it always evoked of “WTF, now I have to make it right, perfect, better, fair…”.

It was exhausting.

So, what is my number one rule for dealing with difficult people?


Now, maybe ‘WTF’ just ran through your head. That’s it!! Simple I know, but not often easy. I will share with you how to make it easy with my Busy Leaders Guide to Dealing With Difficult People on Wednesday, September 28th when I’m on Linda Cattelan’s 2016 NLP Tele-Summit.

I’m thrilled to once again be part of Linda’s NLP Tele-Summit beginning onSeptember 26th, and running through October 7th, 2016! On this special event, you will hear from 11 experts to move you forward in your career, life, or relationships quickly and easily. Intrigued? Then, get ready to make everything from positive changes to simple improvements by registering at:

Like I mentioned above, I go live on Wednesday, September 28th where I’ll be sharingThe Busy Leaders Guide to Dealing With Difficult People. AND I promise, I spill the beans on how to quit taking it personally, and

  • Why rapport and ‘the know, like and trust factor’ rarely work with difficult people.
  • Discover how to connect your body language with what your mouth is saying to diffuse conflict and show confidence and competence.
  • How to develop emotional immunity to overcome anxiety, conflict avoidance or confusion in dealing with difficult people and know how to hold people accountable.

So register right now at

And remember the best part is it is FREE!

Have a great day whatever your adventures, and see you on the 28th for sure!

To Success! To Life!



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