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I brought this out of the archives as it’s as relevant today as it was in 2013 when I first wrote this Q&A. Those that know us the best are the most skilled at getting past our “defenses” and we can be emotionally manipulated… Hi Sharon, I have a hard time setting boundaries with family/friends/coworkers […]

I have no problem saying ”no” most of the time but I find myself using the wrong words and tone of voice. So I come across as being uncooperative and not a “team player” because I don’t communicate as eloquently as I would prefer when choosing to say ”no”. Any tips you can share? Good question Lynn…

Does reality shake you up?  Maybe it’s “Now or Never….” Are you a “Hard-Headed Woman” or a mushy “Teddy Bear”? Do you see life with “blue-suede shoes,” rose-colored glasses or green with envy? Okay, I’m all played out of the Elvis Hit Tunes Titles…. “The thoughts you choose to dwell on move you through time. […]

Recently, I was reading my friend Andrew Finkelstein’s great newsletter he shares worldwide with his target audience as the #1 Salon and Spa Management Guide and fell in love with this personal reflection he shared at the end of a recent newsletter. With his permission I share it with you today, I’m sure it will […]

Who Cares!! It wasn’t like I do it on purpose! Unintentional gestures are also often lovingly called “fidgets.” These little emotional reactions are the result of the body’s desire to be physically comfortable… again “Who cares!”  Well, you should. All can confuse the integrity of your message. An example of a physical comfort gesture is crossing your […]

Avoiding conflict at all costs, costs you big time…. Sharon, I tend to be one of those people who like avoiding conflict at all costs.  For that reason, I have a hard time saying “no” and don’t know how to stand my ground when conflict does happen.  What do I ask/tell myself (early-on) to help […]

Hey Sharon, I think I may have developed a bit of a Yes Man mentality over the years.  In most cases, it is probably to avoid conflict (out of fear, right?) – my justification is that I am a team player, I am flexible, I want to keep everything running smoothly, and am hopeful and […]

“Sharon, we met briefly at Presentation Power on Sunday! My friend and I were the two young African Americans who were rocketing questions at you! I wanted to send you a HUGE thank you for taking a few minutes and giving me some great advice! It has already transformed my life…” ~ Frederick M. Fulcher […]

“Never have I been made so aware of precisely who I am and the countenance I present when communicating at a professional level, with immediate effect my life changed and significantly for the better. There are other coaches and techniques but none stand by comparison to the teaching of Sharon!” ~ Efrat Cohen L.P.I., C.I.T.R.M.S, […]

Sharon Sayler gave an effective, thought provoking presentation on the body language challenges women encounter while conducting business. Her knowledge, industry expertise and helpful tips will help our group achieve amazing results while conducting business. Personally and professionally I believe everyone walked away with a meaningful lesson from Sharon. She brought an innovative and fun […]