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Make your best impression with the proper handshake. First, be aware that not everyone accepts the handshake as a greeting nor does every culture or group do a handshake the same. Western culture values a firm grip, while many Asian countries, especially China, value a less firm handshake and maintaining the handhold for an extended […]

  What is the creepiest handshake you’ve ever received? Why do I ask? Well, I recently experienced the creepiest of handshakes – and as a body language expert, I’ve studied many handshakes, including each one I give and receive.  The quality of your handshake leaves a lasting impression: positive or negative! And this creepy handshake […]

It’s inspiring to see someone succeed in bringing a dream into reality. In 2013, Diana Nyad, 64, made a 110-mile swim from Cuba to Key West despite strong currents, sharks and stinging jellyfish that had stopped her previous four attempts… not to mention blistering sun and salt water for nearly 53 hours, little food, throwing […]

Update: My opinion about Sheryl Sandberg’s recent body language faux pas appeared in the Wall St. Journal Online as well as nearly 300 other media outlets. View the Wall Street Journal Online piece here. “Little Girl” Body Language Can Sabotage Women Executive’s Success Time Magazine featured Sheryl Sandberg, author of “Lean In,” with the title “Don’t […]

Ladies, are you sabotaging your success without even realizing it? As a long-time executive coach, I’ve seen a lot of self-defeating behaviors. When I ask, to quote Dr. Phil, “How’s that workin’ for ya?” many people think those behaviors are no big deal. Trust me on this, we all engage in various forms of self-defeating […]

Do you ever asked yourself, “Why do I allow others to dump more on my plate, treat me poorly and take advantage of me?” Do you allow “scope-creep” to eat up all of your profit and more? Or do you ever hear yourself saying “No problem” when your inner voice is screaming “No way!?”  Then […]

In the give and take of a relationship, are you ALL give?   Do you say “Yes” in an attempt to avoid the pain of saying “No?”   Do you wish you had more time, more respect and didn’t lie awake at night kicking yourself that everybody else’s priorities are more important? Are Time “Vampires” […]

We would all like to think we have perfect poker faces and are less emotionally expressive then we really are.

Poker players try all sort of tricks to cover their face lest, they give away their position. They try all sorts of tricks from biting our lip to holding our breath to keep our emotional face in line with the curtain we want to show the world. Imagine have to bite your lip to walk into a board of directors meeting…? I wouldn’t suggest it.

Guest post: The bell rings to start the fight! The crowd is roaring to cheer on the contender they want to win, Perception or Communication. They are evenly challenged though their strengths reside in different areas, this will be a good fight!

I had to share this email ad that landed in my Inbox today. It went right into my “Things that make you go hummm” file.

Seriously, two misspell words out of a five word ad and they want me to believe their product was built CAREFULLY….