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Recently, I did a guest post for that offered very powerful advice that can work for job interviews, AND media interviews AND negotiations AND sales AND … wherever you want to be seen as intelligent, confident and an inspiring leader.  My tips and techniques that I shared over at work no matter the situation…. Pop […]

When hand wringing isn’t hand wringing…and other interesting fidget facts. Thursday and Friday, I was giving a training to a corporate group. Several members I knew from a training last year, including “Marv.” Last year, when I first met Marv, I noticed an interesting quirk he had of wringing his hands. It was in a […]

Join me June 10, 2014 at for my interview on the Inspired Wealth Show with host Judy van Niekerk. Judy and I will be sharing how: • your body language can sabotage your success • what you do when others mislabel and judge you unfairly • the mistake you might be making with your chin that can […]

Have you ever had someone react to you in way which has left us confused? Our body language gives off signs that can sometimes convey a very different message to one that we want. Have you ever shared a passion, desire, goal or dream and heard someone say, “Get real… Be realistic!”? Just then you notice […]

Want really useful and effectively success strategies quickly? Combine speed dating with business mentoring and you get the BizWomen Mentoring Monday event, sponsored by the Business Journal. Now, I’m not a morning person, but I was curious and honestly, a bit skeptical. However, with a company mantra of “Small changes make significant impacts!” I had […]

  Catch the fun time Laurie Lawson and I have on her GREAT TV SHOW called The Coaching Game on the Manhattan Neighborhood Network. It airs tonight at 8:30 PM EST. If you aren’t in the NYC area you can still watch it on the Manhattan Neighborhood Network, by catching it over at same time 8:30 […]

Make your best impression with the proper handshake. First, be aware that not everyone accepts the handshake as a greeting nor does every culture or group do a handshake the same. Western culture values a firm grip, while many Asian countries, especially China, value a less firm handshake and maintaining the handhold for an extended […]

  What is the creepiest handshake you’ve ever received? Why do I ask? Well, I recently experienced the creepiest of handshakes – and as a body language expert I’ve studied many handshakes, including each one I give and receive.  The quality of your handshake leaves a lasting impression: positive or negative! And this creepy handshake […]

  This is a remarkable time we are living in. With all the changes in technology, you can choose the lifestyle you want and build a business around that choice – anytime – anywhere! It’s true! I’ve been able to build a successful coaching and speaking business that takes me everywhere in the world including […]

There is an old saying: “Familiarity breeds contempt.” Yes, it’s true, familiarity can breed contempt. The longer we are around someone or something, the more inclined we are to find fault with it, but it rarely starts that way. Everyday my friend Diane and I would have to stop at the donut shop as we […]