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1. What Your Body Says Your mouth might be saying one thing, but what about the rest of you? Does your body and attitude reflect your enthusiasm or detract from it? If you want your verbal and nonverbal signals working together seamlessly for maximum impact, What Your Body Says is filled with useful tools, strategies, […]

  Love the holidays, but hate those family gatherings? It’s that time of year again, but amidst your well-wishes and season’s greetings do you ever find yourself praying that a certain family member just won’t show up this year or dreading the hours of shopping you’ll have to do to make sure everyone gets the […]

Here’s your invitation to the Small Business Global Summit where I’m sharing “How To Use Body Language To Connect To Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime…” as part of their BIG virtual event featuring 36 specialized training sessions. My session is this Tuesday Sept 16th at 3:15 pm eastern for a full 75-minutes.  A few details about the […]

Recently, I did a guest post for that offered very powerful advice that can work for job interviews, AND media interviews AND negotiations AND sales AND … wherever you want to be seen as intelligent, confident and an inspiring leader.  My tips and techniques that I shared over at work no matter the situation…. Pop […]

When hand wringing isn’t hand wringing…and other interesting fidget facts. Thursday and Friday, I was giving a training to a corporate group. Several members I knew from a training last year, including “Marv.” Last year, when I first met Marv, I noticed an interesting quirk he had of wringing his hands. It was in a […]

Marriage should be based on love, right? But does it seem as though you and your spouse are speaking two different languages? New York Times bestselling author Dr. Gary Chapman guides couples in identifying, understanding, and speaking their spouse’s primary love language—quality time, words of affirmation, gifts, acts of service, or physical touch. By learning […]

Fast Track is the Rosetta Stone group dynamics. Guiding the reader with simple, clear processes to build trust and relationships that sustain successful groups Managing Groups —The Fast Track is full of actionable insights. Michael Grinder is a visionary with group dynamics. Called the “group whisperer” Michael Grinder, changes the game by creating community and […]

Known for his groundbreaking work in group dynamics, this time, Michael has written a book designed specifically for you– to help you create your own charisma. By identifying specific attributes that create charisma, Michael offers new and exciting communication techniques. Charisma-The Art of Relationships is a blueprint of developing charisma, showing you proven methods to: […]

Beyond Marketing

Discover the Simple Steps to Capture, Build and Keep Community and Rich Client Relationships. You will find EVERYTHING you need to launch your business toward success. Beyond Marketing is a roadmap for anyone—marketing professionals to small business owners—striving to achieve their unique message in the over-crowded market.  It’s like a user-friendly encyclopedia for mastering your company message […]

Life's Short. Live Passionately

We each have a life we envision, of success, passion and purpose. Learn to make conscious choices to design the life you desire. Find your life balance and inner peace. Life’s short, live it passionately and on purpose. I Firmly Believe We Get Exactly the Life We Create from the Choices We Make! Every day, […]