Sharon Sayler


Targeting your customers through “market segmentation” or “selective marketing” is very effective, if done properly.  Unlike mass-market advertising, selective marketing copy is written directly to a specific audience. Recently, we were asked to write an ad. They sent us the one they had made themselves — it had not performed as expected. The minute we […]

Direct mail is in a revival these days. Even Microsoft recently sent out a direct mail campaign to market adCenter, their online paid ad service. Imagine that, direct mail ads to advertise an online ad service! Direct mail can be an effective way to target select markets, if done correctly. How do you make your […]

Here’s a easy-to-use formula for a successful sale. Decide what you need / want. + [Determine what your customer wants + one] Results: Win/Win sales situation It may appear simple on the surface but sometimes just deciding… Decide what you want This can be a stumbling block for some people, but in order to get […]

Last week, I wrote about 4 ways to boost your bottom line and mentioned that increasing your number of customers was the hardest, most expensive and time consuming of the four… I got a couple of emails telling me that “…their business was different, that the ONLY way to grow was new customers….” Well, to […]

1. Increase your number of clients. This is where almost every entrepreneur or small business looks first, but it really is the hardest, most expensive and most time consuming way to boost the bottom line. Many people are convinced it’s worth meeting with everyone—”because you never know….” While trying to make proposals to everyone is […]