Sharon Sayler


I wanted to share this unsolicited testimonial we got the other day… sure, it’s great to read and share, but what I really wanted to use it for today was to comment on what works on the Internet now and why they are getting above and beyond the response they expected. “I asked Impression Engineers […]

Can you believe… It is almost the end of the year, can you believe it? Once again, where did it go? And, if you believe the “Big Business Guru” blogs right now, many are saying “It is time to plan again…” planning is a useful business tool, but can be a panacea. It is usually […]

Most people think of a logo when they hear the word brand. Brands are not just logos. Brands are the intangibles that consumers believe about your company, product or service. When we see a logo, we usually think of a brand—the swoosh and Nike, the golden arches and McDonalds, but brands have many “parts.” Today, […]

As strange as this question sounds, it is important to know—who you are and what you do for your customers, not what you think you do for them. Perception and impression is the secret ingredient in business success and a unique brand. Think about it: • Starbucks sells coffee. It promises a safe gathering spot, […]

I was completely distracted last week, my local broadband provider decided I had cancelled my account… I had not. There are 2 ways to fix everything — my broadband service originally choose the first way, the immediate “fix.” To them, I had cancelled my service, and “there was nothing that could be done.” According to […]

For the past 3 days, I have been trying to pick out a paint color for the bedroom. In the store, the color looked light green, a color I would call “Seafoam.” The paint supplier called it “Reef”, my friend said it looked gray as we painted it, and in the bedroom lighting, I just […]

Targeting your customers through “market segmentation” or “selective marketing” is very effective, if done properly.  Unlike mass-market advertising, selective marketing copy is written directly to a specific audience. Recently, we were asked to write an ad. They sent us the one they had made themselves — it had not performed as expected. The minute we […]

Direct mail is in a revival these days. Even Microsoft recently sent out a direct mail campaign to market adCenter, their online paid ad service. Imagine that, direct mail ads to advertise an online ad service! Direct mail can be an effective way to target select markets, if done correctly. How do you make your […]

Here’s a easy-to-use formula for a successful sale. Decide what you need / want. + [Determine what your customer wants + one] Results: Win/Win sales situation It may appear simple on the surface but sometimes just deciding… Decide what you want This can be a stumbling block for some people, but in order to get […]

Last week, I wrote about 4 ways to boost your bottom line and mentioned that increasing your number of customers was the hardest, most expensive and time consuming of the four… I got a couple of emails telling me that “…their business was different, that the ONLY way to grow was new customers….” Well, to […]