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What Your Body Says and How to Master The Message AND Mindfulness in Action Book Special

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About What Your Body Says (and how to master the message): Inspire, Influence, Build Trust, and Create Lasting Business Relationships

Your mouth might be saying one thing, but what about the rest of you? Does your body and attitude reflect your enthusiasm or detract from it? If you want your verbal and nonverbal signals working together seamlessly for maximum impact, What Your Body Says is filled with useful tools, strategies, and techniques to communicate with more clarity, inspiration, and influence:

  • Become aware of the signals you are sending—intentionally and unintentionally—and their effects
  • Understand and use your gestures, eyes, tone of voice, and other nonverbals
  • Combine the different tools into a new, highly effective communication style
  • Apply the concepts in this powerful guide and the personal and professional results—stronger relationships, influential leadership, and enthusiastic responses—will start coming in loud and clear!

“This fascinating book shows you how to become more influential and persuasive with every person you meet.” ~ Brian Tracy, Author of The Power of Charm

About Mindfulness in Action: Simple Steps to Finding Peace in Your Life

These days it is so easy to go about the day distracted. It seems as if being unaware of our surroundings is the new norm during the turmoil of current events.

In her new bestseller, Mindfulness in Action: Simple Steps to Finding Peace in Your Life, Sharon Sayler shares, “Mindfulness involves active awareness throughout the day. Active awareness is the simple everyday practice it takes to stay cognizant, aware and conscious. An active awareness mindset isn’t about believing, it’s about Being. It is the enjoyment of all that life has to offer. Through each passing moment of time, either consciously or unconsciously, we change. We get to choose with each moment to be a new, more powerful being, ready to do greater things in the world.”

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