I just posted on our web-marketing site www.ImpressionEngineers.com 8 great ways to encourage comments on your blog… and would love to make the list longer. Please share ways you encourage comments.

We recently set up a new blog for a client. She just emailed me with a good question that I thought others might like to know my thoughts on the question…

Q: Hi Sharon,   How does one encourage and get people to comment on a blog?  Thanks.

A: Good question, I’m sure there are many ways, here are the ways I know, first others need to know you are posting, it takes awhile when blogs are new to get recognized.

  1. Tweet, post on facebook etc a short phrase and a “tinyurl” link to it.
  2. Send the post or a summary of the post out via email to my list and invite comments

View the entire post and comment at: http://www.impressionengineers.com/tips/encourage_comments/