Norman Cousins once said, “Life is an adventure in forgiveness.” These are some of the truest words I have heard. We each have something or someone to forgive. Some may even feel they are owed an apology—you have the power to choose to be resentful, heartsick, to be burdened, dissatisfied, full of worry and anxiety, to be calm, satisfied, happy, to be passionate. It’s all a choice.

Life is in constant motion. The thoughts you choose to dwell on can keep you stuck or move you towards your purposes and passions. The key to passionate living is to choose without “shoulds.”  Respect your boundaries. Respect other’s boundaries.

Learn from what happened. You have no control over what anyone else feels or thinks. When there’s mutual respect, “working things through” can heal. If you feel threatened, withdrawal from the situation may be a viable option.

Be honorable and intend the best for everyone, including your self. Only when you’re at peace can you make a real contribution to anyone. Holding tightly to an offense, no matter how heinous it was, is like feeding your self poison and waiting for the other person to die. It just doesn’t work.

Have a great day in whatever your adventure,
To Success! To Life!