Beyond Lip Service welcomed Pat Mussieux

Pat is Founder of the company “Steps2Happiness”, and Creator of the “Steps2Happiness Home Study System”.

She specializes in helping female baby-boomers add more happiness into their daily lives by way of teaching mindset and goal-setting techniques. (


• Is it a struggle for you to find time for yourself?

• Are you noticing that life is slipping through your fingers? That you’re just ‘too busy’?

• Is your business or work taking over your life?

• Are you in a rut and feeling stuck?

• Do you wish you had more time to sleep, more time to play, more time with your family?

• Are your priorities out of whack because, perhaps, you have been caught in the ‘sandwich generation’ situation?

• Can you remember the last time you felt any ‘joy’? Pat will share with you the 4 major barriers to living a happy life and the 10 steps for getting past those barriers and adding more happiness to your daily life. These scientifically proven tips and techniques have helped Pat handle her divorce, the death of family and friends, the loss of a job, financial hardship, etc. and they can help you too! Listen in so you can get past that feeling of ‘overwhelm”, reduce stress, manage your time more effectively, and live your life by intent.

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