Who Knows What You Know and Do They Like You??? is the topic of the interview at 9am Pacific / noon Eastern. The title is taken from Chapter Five of Book Yourself Solid in Module Two: Building Trust and Credibility.

One way to build trust and credibility is by establishing yourself as a category authority – a well-known, well-liked expert in your field. It will have a powerful effect on the success of your business and can be incredibly rewarding. But, where to begin —— learn to connect with candor and rapport to build trust and credibility.  How to do it?  Learn the power of Likeability.

In this rapidly changing world of unpredictable economic, social and political change, it’s “what” you know and with “who” you know that’s important + do they like you…

“Like me,” you might ask, what does that have to do with it?  A lot. The emotional response someone has weighs heavily on a decision to buy.  It is called the Likeability Factor.

Author Tim Sanders of a book by the same name asserts there are 4 factors that increase your “L-factor.” They are friendliness, relevance, empathy and realness. I disagree with his definitions and don’t believe he takes the concept far enough. Why not listen in today and find out if you agree with Tim or me. Or maybe a combination of both of us.

So, how likeable are you? Not sure? Take this quick survey (now, be honest…)

1. Do you enjoy being with and in service to others?

2. Do others invite you and want to spend time with you?

3. Are you a good listener and provide positive feedback?

4. Do people ask for your advice and / or confide in you?

5. Do you show appreciation, gratitude and compliment others?

6. Do you smile often and look on the bright side of things?

7. Is your glass half-full?

Were you able to truly answer yes to these questions? Yup, I know we all have our moments, but overall can you answer yes? Then if you are not hallucinating about yourself, you are probable a likeable person. Just to keep you “honest” pay attention to what others are saying and more often than not, unspoken, i,e,. nonverbal

If you can take away one concept today please consider this:

“You will win more friends by developing a sincere interest them than you will ever win by trying to get people interested in you.”  — paraphrased from the late Dale Carnegie and his classic “How to Win Friends and Influence People.

If you want to learn more about likeability the call is at 12:00 EDT.  To register, go to http://tinyurl.com/nv4phm.  Call-in information will be sent you after you confirm your registration.

Have a great day whatever your adventure

To Success! to Life!



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Reference Books to learn more:

Book Yourself Solid by Michael Port

Emotional Intelligence by Daniel Goleman

Social Intelligence by Daniel Goleman

The Likeability Factor by Tim Sanders