Maybe you have started a business and feel so close to making it that you can taste it but still feel like a hamster on a wheel?

Or perhaps you are doing, well, okay, but things like choosing a target market or niche make you feel like you are giving up clients?

The worst thing is that there are so many so-called “experts” and they all say different things….

If you can relate to any of the above, then grab a copy of Mike Michalowicz’s latest bestseller, The Pumpkin Plan. Yup, that same Mike who authored the mega-seller Toilet Paper Entrepreneur! He does have a flair for naming books.

I got an advanced copy, and my first thought was what does a pumpkin have to do with starting a business?

Yet, I took it on the flight from the West Coast to the East Coast, and was engrossed for the entire flight. Mike’s breezy, humor-filled writing style is once again present and believe it or not, the pumpkin metaphor makes sense!

Filled with plenty of “Rules I want you to break”, The Pumpkin Plan is for the startup or struggling business that have tried “everything” without success.  Mike’s crammed The Pumpkin Plan with case studies, “what-abouts” Q&As and 30-minute or less action steps to get your business strategy, plan and systems started in the right direction.

So, pull a 180 and grab your copy of The Pumpkin Plan… You can even find out how Mike recommends doing a 180 with his “The 180 Technique” outlined in Chapter 12….

I highly recommend you buy The Pumpkin Plan if you want to avoid (or exit stage right) the hamster wheel.

Have a great day whatever your adventure

To Success! To Life!