Blogging and Social Media

  [display_podcast] A great interview just full of ideas for blogging, making money from your blog and using social media […]

Define your target market

Recently I was asked if I thought “Leaders who want to be more effective” was a good target market. If […]

Mindset for Marketing Success

Loren’s communication secret is to address issues as they arrive. Boy, that is a key one for sure. I have […]

That’s not what you said…

Assumptions and expectations get even the best leaders in trouble. I was coaching a team recently where management “just knew […]

You just never know….

You just never know…     I know its Friday afternoon, but I’ve been meaning to share the coolest thing. Tuesday […]


… from the olde mailbag…   As a Business Coach, I get lots of email asking me questions…. I thought […]