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Beyond Lip Service welcomed Pat Mussieux Pat is Founder of the company “Steps2Happiness”, and Creator of the “Steps2Happiness Home Study System”. She specializes in helping female baby-boomers add more happiness into their daily lives by way of teaching mindset and goal-setting techniques. ( ARE YOU ATTRACTING ENOUGH HAPPINESS INTO YOUR LIFE? • Is it a […]

So… let me replay a recent snip of a conversation… Have you seen the marketing of ‘X’ company?” (That concept) looks like it could be adaptable and transferable to your market…” “But, I don’t do what he does…” “Yes, I know, it’s about ‘the how’ of the delivery not the ‘what,’ let’s look at the […]

  [display_podcast] A great interview just full of ideas for blogging, making money from your blog and using social media to gain leads and exposure. • What is the purpose of your blog and what is your strategy for content, audience and advertising? • How are you using social media to bring them back to […]

Recently I was asked if I thought “Leaders who want to be more effective” was a good target market. If you are just starting out the answer is no because—”Leaders that want to be more effective” is a good start yet spend some time and drill down further in two areas: 1. Define effective–it could […]

A blogroll is a list of links to blogs that the blogger likes. A blogroll is usually included in the blog’s sidebar.  Blogrolls are great organic traffic tools. With each blogroll that your blog is listed on readers can click on your link and visit your blog.  Blogs with many incoming links (particularly those from […]

Loren’s communication secret is to address issues as they arrive. Boy, that is a key one for sure. I have seen how not addressing an issue or concern as it arrives allows it to grow and fester. She suggests to honestly assess how you really feel about it, how you see it. When addressing someone […]

Assumptions and expectations get even the best leaders in trouble. I was coaching a team recently where management “just knew all the team members knew the rules and the goal,” yet talking with the team members it was clear that management had not clearly defined its vision for success. It is important for leaders to […]

You just never know…     I know its Friday afternoon, but I’ve been meaning to share the coolest thing. Tuesday on Beyond Lip Service (my radio show,) my guest Melissa Zollo kept getting disconnected, no matter what we did. Yup, one of many of a live radio show host’s worst nightmares….  Luckily, I’ve been an […]

Why can’t we get things done…. Maybe because we don’t know what the real goal is?? Gary and I discuss the foundation of Well-Formed Goals and why we need them. 6 Must-Haves to have Well-Formed Goals   1 Must be stated in the Positive What do you want? Not the whys you don’t want it… 2 […]

… from the olde mailbag…   As a Business Coach, I get lots of email asking me questions…. I thought why not share the answers to some of them occasionally as many are universal questions, so from today’s mailbag (edited to protect the identity,) I got this. “What single advice would you give for getting […]