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Course correction may be required…   Have you ever noticed there is really little one can control except how we choose to react…. I wrote this while winging my way back from Philly the other day. It really was an uneventful flight, yet after watching 100+ people board the plane; I can only assume that […]

Who Knows What You Know and Do They Like You??? is the topic of the interview at 9am Pacific / noon Eastern. The title is taken from Chapter Five of Book Yourself Solid in Module Two: Building Trust and Credibility. One way to build trust and credibility is by establishing yourself as a category authority […]

I’m sitting here serving jury duty and can’t do my regular routine. (I’m not opposed to doing my civic duty, it’s just the timing.) Sitting here is leaving me feeling swamped with my To Do List and sucked-under… lots to do, plus it’s finally summer here in Oregon (we get so little summer, it is […]

  Coach Sharon Sayler’s Beyond Lip Service is sponsored by www.impressionengineers. com, today we welcomed Anjuelle Floyd is author of Keeper of Secrets…Translations of an Incident, a collection of interconnected short stories, and a novel, The House, due for publication in Fall 2009. She is a wife of twenty-seven years, mother of three, licensed Marriage […]

Lights, Camera, Action… Let’s be honest, are you really doing everything you need to be successful each and every day? I know, I’m not… so how can I complain… I can’t.  A favorite quote of mine is from the character Yoda, “Do or do not, there is no try.”  To be in integrity with myself, […]

With all the day-to-day stuff that bombards us and the unrelentless media blitz on the “crisis” it is easy to lose sight of why we are doing what we are doing…. Some days I just wonder who opened the clown-cage? Quashing my passion, my vision??? Gosh, it is all tooooooo easy to lose motivation. When […]

Beyond Lip Service welcomed Cara Lumen, The Vision Distiller and host of Passionately on Purpose radio, is an internet marketing expert who helps entrepreneurs put their passion to work in a business they love. She is a Book Yourself Solid Coach and International Author. Today we’re going to talk about how to use change to […]

Failure can sometimes find you, success will not. You must seek success.

So cool, that I just became Business Coach for…. and many of you know I write for several different groups. The following article is for July’s issue of the Book Yourself Solid News…  thought you might find it helpful as well. Where’s My Lifeline? When I first heard this month’s theme — “How do […]

  A passing comment by my friend, Stephen, made me stop and think… It was a brilliant insight. “What’s here that doesn’t need to be here? What’s not here, that needs to be here?” We were talking about how we would train wait-staff about clutter on a restaurant table, but imagine the implications if you […]