Sharon Sayler


Have you ever checked caller-id and cringed?  Remember, you are in control. Even in today’s economy, a checkbook and pulse do not a client make…. You do get to choose who you work with.     “Everybody and Anybody” are not target markets.  There are people that energize and inspire us and those that don’t. […]

by guest author Gary Phillips A good friend, Gary Phillips, recently posted the following article on his blog. I found it so interesting I contacted Gary to share it with all our readers… Gary is a Safety Professional, the article is directed to his clients, I’m sure you will see that his knowledge expands far […]

      Beyond Lip Service welcomed Judith Sherven, PhD and Jim Sniechowski, PhD. They are a best selling husband and wife psychology team and the leading voice for soft sell, heart-based marketing, producing the only Internet marketing conference for the soft sell community “Bridging Heart and Marketing” and their Soft Sell Marketers Association is […]

  This week’s note is a little longer than usual (I try to keep it under 400 words.) I hope you agree that today’s is worth the extra 234 words.  First, I could really use your help. I am doing research, what is the one area in your business that you would most like to […]

  I just posted on our web-marketing site 8 great ways to encourage comments on your blog… and would love to make the list longer. Please share ways you encourage comments. We recently set up a new blog for a client. She just emailed me with a good question that I thought others might […]

I was asked recently, “If I could choose ONE learning from my years of pursuing my passion of conscious and quality communication skills, what would it be?” WOW, what a question, hundreds of ideas whirled around my head. As with all passions, I hope to continue to add to my insights and skills for years […]

A moment of back-story, I was really tired after my trip to Doylestown and helping Michael Port launch “The Think Big Manifesto.” I’m not sure why as I like to think I work hard every day but for some reason after this trip I was burned out. Now don’t get me wrong, throughout that week, […]

Well, it finally happened. As many of you know, I challenge myself to do something I have never done before for my birthday.  My birthday came and went a month ago…. Sunday, my sister, Linda and her husband, Lowell decided for me… they “kidnapped” me and off we went on an adventure. Lowell is an […]

My friend Dave gave me a great book the other day… It is a collection of Elbert Hubbard’s epigrams titled “A Thousand and One Epigrams.” I had given Dave a pre-release copy of Michael Port’s latest book “The Think Big Manifesto” for his recent plane trip… he found the “Manifesto” inspiring and returned the favor […]

“…If thought corrupts language, language can also corrupt thought…” ~George Orwell At times, things just come out of my mouth… and it’s not until it falls out of my mouth that I’m aware it has an assumption (or two.)  Last week, I was trying to express myself to my friend Sparks; it just wasn’t as […]