Sharon Sayler


How can I make you smile today? I called a local company the other day to make an appointment… The woman that answered had a smile on her face… even over the phone, I could just tell. She made me smile by not only her friendly pattern, but what she said, “Thanks for calling ‘X’. […]

Just like real estate’s saying: location, location, location… business is relationship, relationship, relationship. Actually, everything in life is based on relationships. Relationships need to be built on a solid foundation of trust. People buy from people they like and trust. If you don’t have trust, it doesn’t matter how well you’ve drafted your plan, or […]

Have you noticed how much “text-talk” is becoming part of our unconscious response… does it bug you as much as it bugs me? Then again, I can’t wag my finger… I received an email that ended in “LMK if you want to discuss further.” I had to go to my son and ask, “What is […]

Things happen – growth is optional. I am so tired of the hand-wringing and the “sky is falling” in the media—creating “brick walls” that are really only of thought and flesh… We can stand at that wall and give our time, our energy, and in turn, our power away in worry or we can look […]

Norman Cousins once said, “Life is an adventure in forgiveness.” These are some of the truest words I have heard. We each have something or someone to forgive. Some may even feel they are owed an apology—you have the power to choose to be resentful, heartsick, to be burdened, dissatisfied, full of worry and anxiety, […]

It seems to me these days that most people are complaining about something…usually something that is really none of their business…. I’m not here to talk politics, but does it really matter if someone’s hair is out-of-style—out-of-style according to whom??? Maybe it’s coming back in style, does it really matter? I have an acquaintance that […]

Do you realize that as Labor Day approaches, that 2008 is three-quarters over…. Are you where you wanted to be as 2008 rolls to a close? A good friend and member of one of the mastermind groups I belong to, Andrew Finkelstein, recently wrote a very good article on planning. He has generously allowed me […]

Change is inevitable – The only thing we know about the future is that it will be different. ~Peter Drucker~ We had somewhat of a crisis around here this morning, our phone service provider, including cell phones, was out of commission, (a city-wide outage) until 2pm. We just got back up and running a bit […]