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What Your Body Says – Body Language Gift – Please Confirm Your Email Address

We are almost done…  BUT FIRST…

Without confirming your subscription, we won’t be able to send you all the FREE goodies, great tools and information that you just requested and I so want to share with you.

I have to have another permission to comply with the anti-spam laws as they are all delivered via email. Please do these 3 quick, simple steps RIGHT NOW to make sure you get the FREE information you want:

#1. Look in your inbox NOW for a confirmation message.

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In case you’re wondering why we ask you to confirm your subscription…

The reason is simple and for YOUR benefit. It’s to make sure you and I get to stay connected via email. In fact, I ask ALL of my valued clients (that includes you!) to confirm their email address.

This confirmation is to ensure that you are, in fact, a real person and that you did sign up to be a part of our community.

Trust me, I hate spam as much as you and I’m not going to do anything “sneaky” with your confirmation! It’s just to make sure you and I can connect and communicate so you get the valuable information you want to help build meaningful relationships in every aspect of your life and business.

If you don’t receive the confirmation email, try re-submitting your email address, making sure it is spelled correctly. Or, you can use a different email address. Contact me at connect @ if you need additional assistance.

Until later, have a great time whatever your adventure.

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Sharon Sayler

p.s. Sometimes the spam filters used by Internet Service Providers can mistakenly delete mail you’ve actually requested to receive.  To ensure this doesn’t happen to you make sure you add my email addresses (connect @ and sharon @ or to your “safe list” so that you receive the CONFIRMATION EMAIL.