Just like real estate’s saying: location, location, location… business is relationship, relationship, relationship. Actually, everything in life is based on relationships.

Relationships need to be built on a solid foundation of trust. People buy from people they like and trust. If you don’t have trust, it doesn’t matter how well you’ve drafted your plan, or what you’re offering. If a potential client doesn’t trust you, your foundation is built on shifting sands.

Many times “sales-leads” might consider you for the job if your price is the same as your competitors’. If your price is higher, you might get a chance if you get your price” in-line.” Is that really what you want? Properly positioned companies don’t play the low-price game. They don’t have to. Their prospects see them as having something different. So, where do you start? By using one of the most effective marketing strategies on the planet; the “Always-have-something-to-invite-people-to-offer.”

Don’t waste months trying to cajole one prospect at a time into throwing you a bone.

Proactively invite them to get to know why doing business with you is the solution they are looking for. The “Always-have-something-to-invite-people-to-offer” is a “low barrier to entry / low-risk” opportunity for them to get to know you. And for you to build trust over time. Create a schedule that you know you will do each and every time. Our next “Always…” event is next Thursday, November 6th at 9am Pacific. It’s every first Thursday of the month at 9am… notice that if the prospect can’t make it this time, they know when and where to find you when they are ready. If you would like to join us, register free at http://www.impressionengineers.com

As you develop an “always-have-something-to-invite-people-to-offer,” consider how you are positioned in the marketplace. What is your niche? Are you the only one (or at least, one of the leading suppliers) of your specific solutions? If not, what benefits can you add to the client experience that will make sure there are no credible substitutes in the market? How can you enhance the customer experience ? Distinguish yourself in the marketplace.

Have a great day in whatever your adventure,