Wow, did I have a crazy yesterday – 3, yes 3 radio interviews in one day – and even cooler, at least I was tickled…. on the KKZZ AM 1400 interview I followed Carol Channing as the next guest!!  I have always liked her, well, anyway it tickled me…. and today I’m speaking at an eWomens Network Event on All The Right Moves: How to use your body language to get your message across and of course, promoting my new book.  So how is  all this attention happening – by creating news….

I wanted to share with you the top 7 ways I have found to make news!

Honestly, I’ve seen companies throw thousands of dollars into advertising and get almost no return. So consider making your own news. Creating your own news is different than advertising. I know I feel it and you might feel it too, the ton of messages thrown at us on a daily basis… so many of us are tired of the hype and downright skeptical of any advertising. Plus advertising can be very expensive!

Consider the alternative, when the media shares your news, it doesn’t cost you anything but a little time and effort, it lends an air of credibility to your information and you get that very valuable item we call social proof.

When people read something from a trusted media source, they take your news more seriously than they do our own ads. As a small business owner, do-it-yourself public relations might seem daunting, yet, hiring someone to do your PR for you might just be out of your budget right now.

Here are 7 great ideas for making your own news

1. Comment from your expertise on a current news item or do you have an opinion that others might find helpful? What can you add to the community dialogue? Like today, can you comment on what the miners might need to do to adjust to their new freedom, or possible health issues, or reestablishing relationships after trauma, or mine safety….

2. Media loves a winner – do you or your clients have a before and after story to share?

3. Plan or take part in a local event. What is a local event of interest, how can you contribute to the event? How can you encourage others to support the cause?

4. Offer free or low cost trainings. Contact local community groups, social agencies, schools, libraries and clubs, what can you teach or present to help others learn or see a new idea or new way to do something?

5. Create a checklist or top ten list to share. Media often looks for items like this when they need to fill a little space.

6. What has been your most commented on blog posts or articles? Create a story on the post and the insights learned and share those as part of your press release.

7. Be a trend-spotter.  Provide information for trade magazines in your industry of new trends or information that can solve problems.

Before you send information to the media, consider these 3 tips for getting the media to use your news.

1. Ask yourself, and others, if the information you’re about to send is really newsworthy.

2. Provide valuable information without asking for anything in return.

3. Make it easy for the media to contact you for further information. Be sure and provide an email address, phone number, and mail address.

Make sure your news story steps outside yourself and answers the larger question of “Why someone else should care?”

It might take a little extra effort to answer the “So what?” question that each media outlet will ask, but it can mean the difference between getting your story used in the media and a huge waste of time and energy. It’s important to take the time — Remember when the media takes up your cause, it lends your message credibility and social proof, plus news stories don’t cost you money like advertising does.

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