8 Ways to Encourage Comments

  I just posted on our web-marketing site www.ImpressionEngineers.com 8 great ways to encourage comments on your blog… and would […]

Say What?

I was asked recently, “If I could choose ONE learning from my years of pursuing my passion of conscious and […]

Some chips fly, some

Well, it finally happened. As many of you know, I challenge myself to do something I have never done before […]

Tell me more…

“…If thought corrupts language, language can also corrupt thought…” ~George Orwell At times, things just come out of my mouth… […]

A personal metaphor….

  Our guest is Marian Way this Tuesday April 7th. Marian is from England, where she started out teaching math […]

It’s all about choice

My friend Stephen attended a workshop last weekend. As he relayed the event, he commented that the instructor had a […]

What ‘ya lookin’ at?

Friend, would you recognize a “good client” if you saw one? A pulse and a checkbook should not be the […]