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What is it about someone’s face that makes us trust them? We choose to trust or be on-guard within seconds of meeting someone…. Why? A study by Princeton psychology researchers found we are most likely to trust someone who has a U-shaped mouth and eyes that form an almost surprised look and not trust those […]

Susie and Otto’s communication secret is “Be totally transparent.” Speak your truth yet in a loving way that allows the other person to want to share with you. Often times we get bound up in fear, it takes courage to step out and start new ways of communicating. It all starts with you; be willing […]

Through email support I received this question…. Q: I continue to struggle with defining my target market in a way that makes a lot of sense, but your feedback last week was most helpful and I have a meeting scheduled next week to meet with the director at one of the local colleges.  She is […]

Strategy number 1: Be realistic about change. Change will happen. Create ways to work with intention. Always be scanning for new, better ways to work and create new understandings. Strategy number 2: Be open to feedback and create the place for dialogue. We’ve all heard misery loves company, but staying around those with that mindset […]

Robin Leonard joined me on Beyond Lip Service Radio, listen in to find out how to create Client Loyalty. Robin breaks in down into the 5 Essential Strategies for Gaining Clients for Life. We all know that it is easier to keep and grow our existing clients than attract new ones. So why do so […]

We lost our office shadow… our loved pooch Shadow on December 23. Your happy-go-lucky, enjoy the moment attitude will be missed.

Communication is at the heart of all good relationships. But, it’s more than just the heart, it’s the lifeline to have things flow smoothly and stay connected. Sometimes what we say is a complete success where everybody is on the same page, we all feel good about the interaction, and have achieved our goals. Other […]

Influential, inspirational leaders are made, not born. It’s really a mindset dedicated to continual learning, understanding, and adjusting. This leadership mindset influences the organization in a way that makes it more cohesive through knowing what is expected. Great leaders — Take risks. Be willing to CHALLENGE the status quo. Have a PASSION for what you […]

1. Have an effective web or blog site and exposure on social media. Today most people at least research online before buying, if not, buy online. You can do a site your self or hire a designer. Effective doe not have to be expensive. Just spend a little time learning about the technologies and decide […]

Sarah shared with us the “3-S’s” of communication. They are give it to them straight–no backstory or ; simply–no apology or disclaimer; with a smile–from your place of love and empathy.     Sarah Anand Anma has had years of experience researching, recording, and ultimately IMPLEMENTING the best techniques to optimize her relationships. From romantic to […]