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A moment of back-story, I was really tired after my trip to Doylestown and helping Michael Port launch “The Think Big Manifesto.” I’m not sure why as I like to think I work hard every day but for some reason after this trip I was burned out. Now don’t get me wrong, throughout that week, […]

Well, it finally happened. As many of you know, I challenge myself to do something I have never done before for my birthday.  My birthday came and went a month ago…. Sunday, my sister, Linda and her husband, Lowell decided for me… they “kidnapped” me and off we went on an adventure. Lowell is an […]

“…If thought corrupts language, language can also corrupt thought…” ~George Orwell At times, things just come out of my mouth… and it’s not until it falls out of my mouth that I’m aware it has an assumption (or two.)  Last week, I was trying to express myself to my friend Sparks; it just wasn’t as […]

My friend Stephen attended a workshop last weekend. As he relayed the event, he commented that the instructor had a favorite response to many questions… “Your choice.” It is our choice, isn’t it? Yet, life doesn’t always feel as simple as those two words make it seem. Sometimes, you have to make hard choices and […]

Friend, would you recognize a “good client” if you saw one? A pulse and a checkbook should not be the only requirements. Do you frequently accept a client you THOUGHT was going to be right for you…only to discover down the road that they’re costing you time, frustration and maybe even money? Just like in […]

You may know your business inside and out. You may be an expert in your field… But do you really know why your customers buy from you… are you selling what you think you are?   The best question to ask is “What do my customers really want?”  Every second of every day stay focused […]

  These days as a business coach I keep hearing; “I just got laid-off, should I go into business for myself?” It’s an interesting question because it involves more than being good at what you do. Solid technical skills do not a business make… I love an analogy a friend that owns a restaurant uses,  […]

Unless you’ve had your head in the sand lately, I’m sure you’ve notice the people everywhere are shaken by uncertainty. Another definition for uncertainty is lack of trust. What is trust? The two parts to trust are: 1. an emotion or feeling of confidence or sureness that is not rooted in your intellect; 2. a […]

All sales start with a simple conversation. It may be a conversation between you and a potential customer, or even between one of your clients and a potential referral. You just never know how far your reach can extend. So it is important to turn all of these simple conversations into relationships of trust. Trust […]

I was at the city permit department Tuesday, not where you expect to find excellent customer service, but I did.  So, I took a moment to get the name of his supervisor and send his supervisor a note expressing my appreciation for his employee’s excellent service. Not only do people like others who show kindness, […]