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Just saying, “I love you” may not fully reveal just how much you care. When creating or maintaining a deep, emotional connection with your partner, your body often speaks louder than words. Here are 9 nonverbals that are unexpected “love motions” that you can use to surprise your partner by showing “I Love You.” Love […]

I did a guest post for that offered very powerful advice that can work for job interviews, AND media interviews AND negotiations AND sales AND … wherever you want to be seen as intelligent, confident and an inspiring leader.  My tips and techniques that I shared over at work no matter the situation…. Pop over […]

When hand-wringing isn’t hand-wringing…and other interesting fidget facts. Thursday and Friday, I was giving a training to a corporate group. Several members, I knew from a training last year, including “Marv.” Last year, when I first met Marv, I noticed an interesting quirk he had of wringing his hands. It was in a much larger […]

Make your best impression with the proper handshake. First, be aware that not everyone accepts the handshake as a greeting nor does every culture or group do a handshake the same. Western culture values a firm grip, while many Asian countries, especially China, value a less firm handshake and maintaining the handhold for an extended […]

  What is the creepiest handshake you’ve ever received? Why do I ask? Well, I recently experienced the creepiest of handshakes – and as a body language expert, I’ve studied many handshakes, including each one I give and receive.  The quality of your handshake leaves a lasting impression: positive or negative! And this creepy handshake […]

It’s inspiring to see someone succeed in bringing a dream into reality. In 2013, Diana Nyad, 64, made a 110-mile swim from Cuba to Key West despite strong currents, sharks and stinging jellyfish that had stopped her previous four attempts… not to mention blistering sun and salt water for nearly 53 hours, little food, throwing […]

Does reality shake you up?  Maybe it’s “Now or Never….” Are you a “Hard-Headed Woman” or a mushy “Teddy Bear”? Do you see life with “blue-suede shoes,” rose-colored glasses or green with envy? Okay, I’m all played out of the Elvis Hit Tunes Titles…. “The thoughts you choose to dwell on move you through time. […]

Recently, I was reading my friend Andrew Finkelstein’s great newsletter he shares worldwide with his target audience as the #1 Salon and Spa Management Guide and fell in love with this personal reflection he shared at the end of a recent newsletter. With his permission I share it with you today, I’m sure it will […]

Update: My opinion about Sheryl Sandberg’s recent body language faux pas appeared in the Wall St. Journal Online as well as nearly 300 other media outlets. View the Wall Street Journal Online piece here. “Little Girl” Body Language Can Sabotage Women Executive’s Success Time Magazine featured Sheryl Sandberg, author of “Lean In,” with the title “Don’t […]

Who Cares!! It wasn’t like I do it on purpose! Unintentional gestures are also often lovingly called “fidgets.” These little emotional reactions are the result of the body’s desire to be physically comfortable… again “Who cares!”  Well, you should. All can confuse the integrity of your message. An example of a physical comfort gesture is crossing your […]