Sharon Sayler

Category: Body Language

Have you ever heard things like, “She’s nice, but not leadership material.” He’s just not confident enough for the job” but you know you are confident and leadership material. I know how frustrating that can be – to be judged before they even know you, maybe even before you’ve even opened your mouth! Attendees of my trainings tell me those and similar sad phrases that keep them from getting ahead all the time.
Why does that happen?

A smile sends a message that endears someone to you or repulses you. It can express empathy, happiness, sadness or even embarrassment. There are real smiles and fake smiles and all sorts of smiles in-between. In his book The Face: A Natural History, author Daniel McNeill, suggests that “the first smiles appear two to twelve hours after birth and seem void of content.” As the mother of two, I assure you, even if my newborn sons had no content to their smiles, their smiles certainly had emotional content for me.

Listen in to my crazy experience with cross-cultural communications and the use of nonverbal “jargon”…

If you do a lot of international business, it’s a good idea to study up on what is and isn’t acceptable in various countries and across different societies. Observe the local culture in different companies as well as varied countries. When in doubt — or if you don’t understand what you see — just ask. The answer might surprise you.

Sharon Sayler’s September 2010 Appearance on Book Writing World. Let the video load, it starts a little slow. Thanks.