Change is inevitable

The only thing we know about the future is that it will be different. ~Peter Drucker~

We had somewhat of a crisis around here this morning, our phone service provider, including cell phones, was out of commission, (a city-wide outage) until 2pm. We just got back up and running a bit ago. This was a “crisis” outside of our direct control, which got me thinking about how so many changes are happening these days. It is easy to get off track.

Many people are experiencing a challenging business environment these days—throwing them off balance. As a business owner with employees it is important to be aware that while your business may be doing okay, your employees may be feeling stressed from both inside the business changes and outside forces—outsourcing, downsizing, higher costs, family and friends experiencing job loss—throwing some into “crisis mode.”

Crisis equals change. Some changes are deliberate, while others are a result of the natural consequences of life. Since change usually happens from an external circumstance and most of the time, out of a person’s direct control e.g. layoff, job restructure, as managers, it is important to understand that “crisis mode” takes time to work through. One rarely can “snap out of it” or “just get over it.”

With change comes a state of transition. Many believe that transition is automatic—that it will occur because a change has happened. But it doesn’t. Even when a change appears to be positive, there is always a lag time in the understanding and acceptance of the change. Our first reaction is to deny, then defy, and then determine to take action.

Transition happens slower than change. It takes longer because it requires people to undergo internal changes, e.g. grief, regret, disappointment, learnings, some which can be upsetting. As a manager, it is usually best to empathically listen. At times, just confirming someone’s sanity is all that can be done. Change can happen fast—transition and understanding the change (transition) does not.

Change is inevitable. Learning and growing from it are optional.

Have a great day in whatever your adventure,
To Success! To Life!