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Accelerate Your Performance and Optimize Your Communication

Sharon Sayler offers private coaching, workshops, trainings, group coaching programs, and products.  Her coaching process is very unique. Her coaching and training practice is based on her association with Dr. Marshall Goldsmith and his Stakeholder Centered Coaching™ and numerous other notable long-time leadership, relationship and communication mentors.

She works with a wide range of clientele — private clients, executives, entrepreneurs, universities, corporations, and organizations such as Delta Airlines, Yale’s Graduate School of Management, Women’s Executive Leadership Council, International Coaching Federation, American Society of Training and Development, Integra Telecom, and Oregon Department of Employment.

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Private Consulting and Coaching for Executives and Professionals

Sharon works with a small, select group of executives and professionals each year. She is on a mission to help you achieve what you set out to do. She devotes all the time and effort necessary to make sure you get exactly what you need to optimize and accelerate your performance.

Many coaches work on a dependency model – Sharon is unique in that she gives you the tools you need to succeed so you only come back when you want to accelerate your success even more!

One of the most powerful strategies that Sharon teaches you is how to be an Observer of my own experience® — from that position you can see exactly what is keeping your “accelerator” stuck. What holds most people back is that they operate on habit. Most go through life limiting their success without knowing it.  Sharon is dedicated to giving you the necessary tools so that you can keep your own success going forward.


“Never have I been made so aware of precisely who I am and the countenance I present when communicating at a professional level, with immediate effect my life changed and significantly for the better. There are other coaches and techniques but none stand by comparison to the teaching of Sharon!” ~Efrat Cohen L.P.I., C.I.T.R.M.S, President Global Intelligence Consultants


“Working with Sharon changes the way you think!  She helps you see yourself in a whole new way and align your body language with the message you want to send.  The result is more confidence and more effective leadership communication.  Change your unspoken message, and the world around you changes!”   ~ Gail Z. Martin, author, 30 Days 
to Social Media Success


“Sharon and her fascinating book show you how to become more influential and persuasive with every person you meet.” ~ Brian Tracy, top selling author of over 45 books including The Power of Charm


STuss“Working with Sharon was THE key factor in a success I had leading a large group facilitation. She was able to help me organize my presentation, strategize using non-verbal communication skills, and help me feel incredibly confident in front of a large group of people. This resulted in an excellent presentation that really helped my audience. Sharon has an amazing gift to get to the core of an issue and see things that I couldn’t see for myself.” ~ Stephanie Tuss, Director of Coaching Operations, Life is Now, Inc.

Take a moment now to imagine what your career and your life will be like when you identify and CONQUER what is holding you back….

When you work with Sharon, you will transform your business and life! Imagine having someone who knows what it’s like to be side-by-side with you. Someone who has been there, who can help you along the way and hold you accountable! Just like a personal trainer will help you meet your fitness goals, Sharon helps her clients attain their BIG VISIONS, GRAB THEIR GOALS, MAKE BIG MONEY and have the business and life of their dreams.

As a Behavioral Communications Expert and author of What Your Body Says (and how to master the message) she brings a unique talent to the consultations she gives executives, business leaders, and public speakers who want to inspire, influence and intrigue with their presentations.

She is trained and certified by Marshall Goldsmith in his Stakeholder Centered Coaching methodology, a certified Group Dynamics Coach and Behavioral Observer with Michael Grinder and Associates, trained and certified by Dr. John Gottman in his groundbreaking “Gottman Seven Principles,” trained and certified by Michael Port in his Book Yourself Solid format, certified hypnotherapist, master practitioner of NLP and specific training in nonverbal communications, body language, communication strategy and persuasion, belief release, audience analysis, communicator credibility, message construction and delivery. She is a PCC certified Executive Coach by the International Coaching Federation.

When you work with Sharon, you’ll benefit from her first-hand experience. More importantly, her services are uniquely designed to give you a serious advantage of knowing the leadership, relationship and communication skills including the nonverbal and verbal moves that will give you the strategic advantage.  Her unique expertise, unlike typical coaches, gives you special body language and nonverbal communications training. Clients learn observation skills, and tips, techniques, and tactics to optimize their own body language, non-verbal influence, and persuasion.

Private Sessions with Sharon Sayler are right for you if:

You want focused and customized attention
You know you are ready for success – you can feel it
You want a clear path to making money and building a life that has meaning
You are ready for intense 1-on-1 support
You want to be held accountable for results
You want to reach your goals and vision quicker

How do coaching sessions work?

Each individual and business is unique and may make different progress.  It depends on where you are at and what you need, how clear you are on your goals and vision, how easily you make decisions, how much time you are willing to invest and what steps you decide are necessary for you to take. We may breeze through one area and plow through another. Our goal is that you emerge equipped with exactly what you need to continue to grow your business and the life you want with an understanding of the steps you took to get there, so you can continue to apply those success strategies.


“Sharon increases your intelligence. Her coaching strategies document possible resistance—she is able to stay within the person’s belief systems and nudge them to expand their self-image and charisma. As a person increases their range of behaviors, their effectiveness increases and a whole new range of possibilities open.”   ~ Michael Grinder, author of 13 books including Group Dynamics: The Fast Track®

“Your approach worked like a charm!  It was fabulous having a very easy mental “flow chart” directing me what path to choose in speaking with them after a brief introduction….”  ~ Debbie Cason, Manager of Client Services, Macroeconomic Advisers


“Sharon offers her expertise in ways that are always inspiring and empowering. She lives and breathes this stuff—she walks her talk and she talks her walk.”   ~ Michael Port, New York Times bestselling author of four books including Book Yourself Solid®

Consulting, Mentoring, Training and Coaching Services for Employees, Managers, and Teams

If you are a company, corporation, university or entrepreneur seeking an executive coach for a specific employee or group of employees, please contact Sharon to discuss your situation.

Sharon Sayler is a trusted adviser to international executives, she knows the communication game. Let her be your guide to help you reach your goals. She offers workshops for top executives, sales, marketing, public relations, and other professionals who want to deliver dynamic charismatic, winning presentations.

She doesn’t waste time on empty platitudes. She has an interactive coaching style and her consultations and workshops use systems, tools, and examples based on an international career in business consulting, communications director and her long association with Michael Grinder and Associates, one of the foremost authorities on non-verbal communication and group dynamics.

Sharon works with a wide range of clientele — private clients, executives, entrepreneurs, universities, corporations and organizations such as Delta Airlines, Yale’s Graduate School of Management, Women’s Executive Leadership Council, International Coaching Federation, American Society of Training and Development, Integra Telecom, and Oregon Department of Employment to help leaders, managers, and point-employees enhance theirs and others performance, productivity and communication skills.

She’s been called the swiss-army knife of coaches….

She’s not just a communications coach, yes she did write the book on it, and both verbal and nonverbal communications is a passion of hers, but that’s not all that got her where she is today. She is a long-time leadership executive coach and business success strategist. She has learned and freely shares systems and processes that must be in place to be successful. She guides you to that next success that she knows from experience is just around the corner for you.

Sharon’s leadership coaching is based on her certification in and association with the acclaimed Stakeholder Centered Leadership Coach of Dr. Marshall Goldsmith.

High-performance training for leadership, executive and sales teams are created through an individualized training and coaching program for leadership, management or sales teams to soar success to a much higher level with positive, focused action and accomplishment. You and your team will develop a positive, laser-focused, high-performance team culture with measurable results and lasting solutions.

Sharon welcomes the opportunity to learn more about your issues. Together, you both will assess if she is the right one to help you and your team learn how to work together in a powerful way, resulting in your projects being completed in a timely and profitable way.

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Sharon Sayler served as Michael Port’s Communications Director, senior faculty member of BYS University and is a Certified Book Yourself Solid Coach personally trained by him. She is licensed to teach the Book Yourself Solid system, created by Michael Port, based on his mega best selling books, Book Yourself Solid® and Beyond Booked Solid. Neither Michael Port nor Michael Port & Associates, LLC is in any way affiliated with this site or the individuals who own and operate it.  Michael Port is not an affiliate, sponsor or partner of the site or the individuals who own and operate it.  Book Yourself Solid ® is a registered trademark of Michael Port & Associates, LLC.  Certain materials contained on this website are the copyrighted works of Michael Port & Associates, LLC.