Strategy number 1: Be realistic about change. Change will happen. Create ways to work with intention. Always be scanning for new, better ways to work and create new understandings.

Strategy number 2: Be open to feedback and create the place for dialogue. We’ve all heard misery loves company, but staying around those with that mindset can bring us down. You are who you hang out with! Seek feedback from those that have been down your road. those on the same journey and those that will always love ya! (Make sure those that will always love ya will be those that give you honest feedback, all to often close friends or family give you a pat on the back without offering new perspectives or a view from “the outside looking in.”

Strategy number 3: Don’t wrap your heart around one central idea. Be flexible, is the key to overcome challenges and know that all roads to success never run smooth, especially if you allow those brain pathways to become ruts.

Listen in to Laura and I – it was a great half-hour on how to adapt to the ever-changing world.

Have a great day whatever your adventure



About Laura: At On Impact we are dedicated to bringing products to the marketplace that help organizations successfully maneuver the wild road of change. 

Laura Goodrich is an expert in workplace dynamics and change. Greg Stiever is an Emmy award winning producer and director. The core of their work is storytelling.  On one side of the house, they produce professional video stories that are internationally distributed.  The videos are incorporated into training programs or are used to kick off or close important meetings.  Their successful video Seeing Red Cars is internationally distributed.  The book Seeing Red Cars – Driving People, Teams and Organizations to a Positive Future (Berrett-Koehler) will release January 2011.  On Impact will release their next video in 2010; Shifting Years: Leverage The Power of Generations.  On the other side of the house, On Impact, and Laura Goodrich brings to the marketplace products dedicated to creating positive change and to help organizations define the Future world of Work. 

Laura Goodrich does a video blog about strategies that help people successfully maneuver the next decade. On Impact has developed Iphone apps, audio stories, ring tones and products that serve as reminders and reinforcement of their messages. Additionally, they have developed a process that helps organizations deal with their most pressing challenges.  This process, call Driving It Home, uses a technology portal, video storytelling spaced over time and social tools to engage employees; it is particularly well suited to tackle organization’s most wicked problems ranging from strategy execution, branding, transformation initiatives, and workforce collaboration (i.e. silos, generations, diversity).  It is designed to leverage the strengths of employees to take on their most pressing challenges and move the organization’s dashboard needle into the success zone!

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