Recently I was asked if I thought “Leaders who want to be more effective” was a good target market.

If you are just starting out the answer is no because—”Leaders that want to be more effective” is a good start yet spend some time and drill down further in two areas:

1. Define effective–it could be effective communicators, effective in HR, effective with time, in sales…

2. Narrow what types of leaders to start with. What is a business leader? Are you wanting C-LevelTop-Level Executive (CEO, CRO, CIO)? Or business leaders in the community, or….

You have to know where to find them… business leaders sometimes have associations and online forums, however it is better to go narrower than that, it could be sales leaders, church leadership, cpa leaders, boy scout leaders….

It is important to focus at first so you can narrow down where your target gathers in groups.  As your reputation in your industry grows, the more you are seen as an expert in your field the easier it is to go larger, and be a bit vague…. (Be sure you know exactly your market though, do not be so vague you don’t know your target.)