Dr Clint’s communication secret is “Get in the same circle with the person you are talking with.”  Ever heard the term, walk in their shoes? That’s what Dr Clint means…. learn to be flexible in the way you communicate.

Dr Clint shared with us today the first four steps in his 8 step Mental Toughness Paradigm

First, create a clear vision of what you are trying to accomplish.
Second, make a decision.
Third, engineer and develop the belief that will accomplish your goals.
Fourth, develop the commitment – know you are not going to quit.

Dr. Clint and I expand on these four plus so much more…. did you know that it doesn’t take 21 days to change a habit?  Listen in for the 30 minute interview and find out how to obtain mental toughness and how long it really takes to change your brain.

Dr. Pearman’s book The Gift is available on Amazon.com and Barnes and Noble.com. Watch for the release soon of his next book Copenology -The New Science of Success. Visit www.clintpearman.com

About Dr Pearman:
Dr. Clint Pearman served more than 31 years in the world’s premier leadership and mental toughness training and development organization — the United States Marine Corps.

While in the Marines, he developed the Mental Toughness Paradigm – applying cutting edge brain science research to teach people how to get their minds and brains to help them accomplish extraordinary things.

While working on his soon to be released book on the Mental Toughness Paradigm — Copenology -The New Science of Success, he became side-tracked.  In an attempt to provide his daughter with some insightful advice that would empower her to achieve her dreams and goals, he started writing her a letter. After 30 days of steady writing, the letter was over 300 pages long.

In 2009, The Gift – Twelve Ingredients to Improve Your Life was published after Dr. Clint was convinced by an editor to share the private book meant for his daughter with the world. Today Dr. Clint speaks to groups, large and small, about the Mental Toughness Paradigm, Copenology – The New Science of Success and his book The Gift.