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Crucial Communication and Leadership Skills for Professionals

Are you sure you’re doing everything right and still not where you thought you would be by now?

A survey of 325 CEOs and 461 VP and above women found that there were three factors they felt were critical to their continued advancement: consistently exceeding performance expectations, (77%), developing a style with which male managers are comfortable (61%), and taking on the tough assignments (50%).*

Fair or not, those things are reality for most of the professional women I work with.  I know, I don’t like it either, but ignoring a truth doesn’t make it go away. Think about it, it does go the other way too. We ALL have to work well with a variety of people, men and women, and with a variety of communication, cultural and personality styles. Discover the leadership, relationship and communication skills of confidence.

Tired of abstract theories that sound good but never work in real life? Isn’t it time you solve the actual business challenges that you face.

Through my Private Client Coaching Services, Competitive Edge Communications (CEC) offers professionals and executives a level of innovation and personalization unmatched in the leadership coaching industry. CEC partners with you to enhance your natural leadership ability and give you new techniques that will propel you far beyond where you ever thought you could go. CEC understands what it takes to be successful.

I don’t teach you to manipulate or control others. You learn how you are unconsciously presenting yourself. Discover the ways in which you are training others HOW to treat you with the unintended messages you are sending! 

Consciously choosing the unconscious messages you send puts you in control of your destiny. When you know how to show up, what to say and how to say it, you are in control of YOU, how you respond, how others respond to you… and even how things will or will not get done.

Recently, a VP of marketing shared with me she always heard she was “angry or stern”. It upset her.  She knew she wasn’t…. Yet, I could immediately hear why others perceived her that way. She wanted to stop being labeled with words she disagreed with.

Other well-meaning friends kept telling her something was wrong with her voice, maybe it was too male, maybe it was too low, maybe this, maybe that…none of her friends’ advice helped solve the problem.

It isn’t her voice! In fact, her voice was the perfect tone and pitch for her high-level management position.    It was something else and it was such a quick fix, it’s a shame she had live the other way – being judged and labeled – for such a long time.

It Only Looks Like Magic

STussWorking with Sharon was THE key factor in a success I had leading a large group facilitation. She was able to help me organize my presentation, strategize using non-verbal communication skills, and help me feel incredibly confident in front of a large group of people. This resulted in an excellent presentation that really helped my audience. Sharon has an amazing gift to get to the core of an issue and see things that I couldn’t see for myself.”  ~Stephanie Tuss, Director of Coaching Operations, Life is Now, Inc.

While the challenges and issues you face are unique, my clients most often want to:

  • Gain buy-in for your ideas and get credit for them too
  • Have influence without being seen as either sucking-up or aggressive
  • Get paid what you are worth and accepted as the skill leader you are
  • Navigate conflict and corporate politics with insight and ease
  • Be seen as competent and confident and not hear the qualifier “for a woman”
  • Move to and get paid to the level you know you deserve
  • Have a seat at the table and have your voice heard
  • Balance professional and personal demands
  • Overcome the mindset that your needs come last
  • Navigate tough negotiations with comfort and confidence
  • Obtain superior team performance without the title Attila the Hun-ette
  • Know how to delegate and play to each team member’s strengths
  • Stop bad behavior while leaving the “managed” person intact
  • Hold people accountable without feeling like a jerk
  • Gain compliance without having to go to positional power
  • Set fair expectations and boundaries and be seen as reasonable
  • Learn how to stand up to “them” and not let “them” get you down
  • Discover the mind games they are playing and develop emotional immunity
  • Know how to say “No” without shame or guilt and have everyone be okay

A long list I know, but trust me, the solution to that ENTIRE list really does come down to how we present ourselves unconsciously.

Let me show you the body language, nonverbal and verbal communication patterns, the gender, personality and learning style differences along with the motivators and influencers needed to be taken seriously.

What other professionals are saying about working with me:

“Never have I been made so aware of precisely who I am and the countenance I present when communicating at a professional level, with immediate effect my life changed and significantly for the better. There are other coaches and techniques but none stand by comparison to the teaching of Sharon!”  ~Efrat Cohen L.P.I., C.I.T.R.M.S, President, Global Intelligence Consultants

“…Sharon helped me with a short presentation I had to give.  Her keen observation coupled with her understanding of non-verbal communication translates into a powerful coaching style that is both direct yet gentle. I would highly recommend her services to anyone committed to excellence. Her area of expertise is very unique and critical to anyone who presents or does public speaking.”  ~Tricia Neves, President, San Diego, CA

“Your approach worked like a charm!  It was fabulous having a very easy mental “flow chart” directing me what path to choose in speaking with them after a brief introduction…”  ~Debbie Cason, Manager of Client Services, Macroeconomic Advisers

“I want to thank you so much. I have become more aware of my body language and now consciously try to correct myself with your useful tips. You have impacted me much more than you may have realized. I really feel as if you have helped guide me towards a better career path that is aligned with my ultimate goal: owning a wellness retreat. Thank you again!” ~ Naomi Mariano

“Sharon, Chris and I are amazed that those simple changes can make of world of difference in how we communicate. Thank you.” ~ C. Cannella

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