So… let me replay a recent snip of a conversation…

Have you seen the marketing of ‘X’ company?” (That concept) looks like it could be adaptable and transferable to your market…”

“But, I don’t do what he does…”

“Yes, I know, it’s about ‘the how’ of the delivery not the ‘what,’ let’s look at the structure; it could be a way to speak with your market that is new and relevant.”

“I’m not resisting you, but as I said I don’t do what he does….”  

Here’s the thing:

Let’s be honest, we all have “blind spots” – things that we do day in and day out without really thinking about how it could be done smarter, quicker, faster, better….

As the label “blind spots” suggests these are actions, behaviors and beliefs that are not working to get us what we say we want and yet we can’t (or won’t) see for our selves they are not working. Most of the time our blind spots are all to obvious to others – isn’t that the old saying – can’t see the forest for all the trees….

Do friends, family or co-workers mention or tease you about the same thing over and over… Example…. I have a dear friend, no matter how many latest loves she introduces me to, it’s the same man, different body (syndrome)…. I ask myself “So why is she expecting different results?”

Come on folks, let’s get over ourselves. What are those things we continue to do — day in and day out — because that is “how it is done.” Or what about the ones we refuse to see or don’t see?  I think back to a couple of my own that I refused to see… my reply was “You just don’t understand.” Funny thing was friends understood all too well, if I had only entertained the notion that there was another way to look at it.

If you’re having the same problems and frustrations over and over in your business (or your love life) then what’s important is NOT the beliefs about the messed up economy or the competition, or there are no good men or women left….

What’s important is you getting to the bottom of YOUR PART in these situations that are keeping you from creating what you want!  (hint: YOUR BLIND SPOTS.)   STOP and really take a look at what isn’t working, than try something else.

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