Male Watcher Day is TODAY January 8th.  WooHoo!

Who would have guessed, women have a holiday to have a little fun. It’s Elvis Presley’s birthday too, which seems appropriate. In his day, he probably would have been fun to watch too….

Ladies, a little warning, since it’s not that hard to attract a man’s attention, and if you want to partake of this holiday, I suggest sunglasses.

Sunny or not, they are a great way to enjoy without being too obvious…. except in my case, being a native Oregonian, I think Male Watching Day should be in August… but, enough said about that.

Okay, some quick thoughts on what to do if you want to do more than watch from a distance….

How to Attract “That” Guy’s Attention Without Saying A Word

Frankly, let your eyes do the talkin’. Poets say the eyes are the window to the soul. They are and they also go right to a guy’s “fascination” button. How much fascination you get depends on how long you “watch” the guy. Staring is stalking, so I suggest the 3 Flash Method. Okay, get your mind outta’ there…this is a different type of flashing.

First, flash a quick glance his way. A flash-glance is quick and is without turning your head too much. It’s a slight movement or tip of the head with a larger movement of just the eyes right or left. A flash-glance is just long enough for him to catch your glance.  Once you lock eyes quickly look down, away or back to your iPad or book. (Once you’ve made eye contact, a flash-glance doesn’t last more than a second, two at the max.)

Second, wait a few seconds and flash another quick glance. Once again, just long enough for him to catch your glance.  When your eyes catch each other, this time flash the eyebrow closest to him up and quickly release, then slowly look down or back to your iPad or book.

Third, continue watching him in your peripheral vision. Is he still watching you? Is his body language showing any signs of movement towards you? If and only if you are truly interested, as this is POWERFUL, flash another quick glance with that eyebrow again, and then flash a quick smile (if you smile with a tiny quiet giggle it looks more engaging.)

Once again, do it just long enough for him to return your glance. If he smiles back, the odds are pretty good you can reel him in, just slowly look down or back to your iPad and remain cool. Sip that chai, breathe comfortably and slowly watch with your peripheral vision what happens….

There is a fourth flash, for the wee-bit slower or nerdy guy…. do steps 1 through 3 again.  Hold the eye contact and a small smile just a tad bit longer, so he knows it’s meant for him. If you get a smile in return, play with your necklace or hair… if he doesn’t begin to move, he’s just not that into you, married, otherwise engaged or just too out of it to be into you. Enjoy that you had a little fun and find another one to watch. There are plenty of fish in the Male Watching sea….

Have a great week whatever your adventures
To Success! To Life!

P.S. A final caveat: If a guy is watching you and you are not interested, look away (but, keeping him in your peripheral vision for safety). If possible, move away or towards another group.  Make a phone call, engage in a conversation with someone else or look intensely busy.  Lack of eye contact should tell him of your lack of interest.  If you feel uncomfortable in any way, trust your gut. Do not look directly at him.  Do not leave alone, even if it means calling a friend or cab for backup.