Sharon Sayler


My Clients:  In Their Words

“If you are looking for a way to maximize the impact of your authentic communication with others, Sharon Sayler’s book, ‘What Your Body Says’, gives you the tools you need in a unique and powerful delivery. I’m sharing Sharon’s book with clients, friends and colleagues. The reading experience is a gift.”

~ Viki Winterton, Founder, Expert Insights Family of Companies

“While much has been written about the importance of communication- what to say and how to say it – Sharon exposes even greater potential with her book, providing the reader with clear, logical steps in how to champion your own personal power with non-verbal communication. It is a must read for anyone who takes their personal and professional success seriously.”

~ Eric G. Schneider, D. Min.,

“Sharon Sayler and What Your Body Says presents a set of tools to revolutionize our non-verbal intelligence in communications with other people. It endows us with the power to express our thoughts and emotions with authenticity and confidence.”

~ Mick Quinn, Irish-born author of The Uncommon Path

“Sharon, Chris and I are amazed that those simple changes can make of world of difference in how we communicate. Thank you.”

~ Christine Cannella

“I have recently had the joy of working with Sharon Sayler. She is such an attentive listener and excellent communicator, I have found myself one of her fans from the word go. Her assistance on resolving some issues around content and flow of my web site have been right on the mark, timely and and so well thought out. She has a natural and beautiful way of collaborating.”

~ Reverend Julie Renee Doering, Spiritual Life Coach

“Sharon Sayler has both beauty and brains and while the first can’t be transmitted over the air waves, the latter comes through loud and clear. Sharon communicates with knowledge, passion and humor about her expertise ‘nonverbal communication’ and she inspires audiences worldwide to learn how to turn their bodies into a powerful communication tool. Sharon is a great “anytime’ guest!”

~ The Unstoppable Frankie Picasso, Author, Radio host, Master Coach Trainer

“With the simple techniques presented in this powerful book, Sharon gives you the tools to express your own authentic self and achieve any dream.”

~ Marcia Wieder, CEO/Founder, Dream University

“I’ve just finished listening to your interview on Love Your Body More Now and I want to thank you for sharing so many wonderful tips! You did a phenomenal job of giving the listeners great value…yours definitely stood out. I’m so glad I tuned in! Giving great value is the sign of an excellent coach – and now you’ve got a new fan. Well done!”

~ Kristen Kancler,

“Sharon has been an outstanding partner for print and online communications. Not only does she have good design sense, but she has fantastic communication skills and asks the right questions at the right time. I highly recommend Sharon.”

~ Darinda Huntley

“Sharon has an impressive command of marketing strategies that are easily implemented, intuitive, and powerful. She is effective at communicating these techniques in meaningful and accessible ways, and I have benefited greatly from consulting with her.”

~ John Randolph, Ph.D., Principal, J. Randolph Consulting