Loren’s communication secret is to address issues as they arrive. Boy, that is a key one for sure. I have seen how not addressing an issue or concern as it arrives allows it to grow and fester. She suggests to honestly assess how you really feel about it, how you see it. When addressing someone else about the concern or issue to talk about “yourself,” the “I” statements, not “you” statements. It’s important to stay with the issue and not attack the person.

Loren is the creator of Mindset for Marketing Success. She specializes in mastering the marketing mindset to grow your business. Loren Fogelman, is a success expert and Emotional Freedom Techniques advanced practitioner that helps us to transform the head games you play that keep you from putting yourself out there in a big way.

The strategy is to get you excited about marketing your business. Loren has worked with thousands of professionals in demanding careers who are really good at what they do but feel uncomfortable having to sell themselves. The goal is to help you get past the discomfort of marketing to grow your business. With laser focus Loren is able to identify core issues quickly and use a results based strategy to reach your peak potential to grow your business.

She developed the Mindset for Marketing Success System, a series of 7 important steps to create the mindset for marketing success to grow your business. In the short time we had we got to cover just a few… one of the key components is understanding our internal critic committee. Many times we hear a little voice saying something less-than-productive e.g. “Why you?” “You can’t do that.”Loren shares with us ideas to turn that committee into our Internal Mastermind. We talked about how to move beyond fear, a s Loren explains, “Fear is false evidence appearing real.” And she offers ideas to set boundaries and to say no in a loving thoughtful way. If you are saying yes to someone or something else what are you saying no to, to give them the yes?

It is a wonderful 30-minute trip into understanding some of our fears.

If you are interested in learning my system to combine the Emotional Freedom Techniques and Law of Attraction, my ebook Master the Marketing Mindset to grow your business with confidence is available. This book provides explanations, worksheets and tips to guide you on creating the mindset to attract more money, more clients with less work. www.mindsetformarketingsuccess.com

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