Through email support I received this question….


I continue to struggle with defining my target market in a way that makes a lot of sense, but your feedback last week was most helpful and I have a meeting scheduled next week to meet with the director at one of the local colleges.  She is excited about my thoughts, so I am hopeful that I will come out of the meeting with some clear ideas about needs and how to approach those I can help.Thanks for your support.


Wonderful news about the meeting, even without a target market completely defined keep moving forward — remember as a small business owner waiting doesn’t work.

Remember, one way to stand out from the rest to your target is to specialize, really specialize. Most small business people are good at a lot of things, so you may have to choose THE ONE that JAZZES you most – this will make you stronger and do not fear you are omitting something your clients need. If they love you they will always say “Oh, by the way….” and you say “Of course, I can….


If you don’t think you have a specialty, then it’s probably your natural gifts and those come so naturally to you that you just assume “If I can do it, so can everyone else.” Ask friends what your gifts are to them, what are others always asking you to do are a couple of ways to uncover your gifts.


Sometimes what makes us the most special is hiding in plain sight!

Now go forth and conquer!