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As a Business Coach, I get lots of email asking me questions…. I thought why not share the answers to some of them occasionally as many are universal questions, so from today’s mailbag (edited to protect the identity,) I got this.

“What single advice would you give for getting non-profit partnership with Corporate sponsors…”
She goes on to give specific details of the nonprofit, it’s needs etc…but the back story isn’t necessary.

This question and answer really applies when you are asking anybody for anything e.g. joint venture, sponsorship etc.

The best advice I can give is to choose to focus on select opportunities, rather than a broadcast out into the unknown. This will be an individualized search, not some mass email campaign. Research each target corporation completely— develop your understanding of the corporation. Carefully and without bias answer “Why would they want to be part of my opportunity?” Make a specific request to them, one they can say yes to without much “pain.” Be relevant to them and their market(s.)

Specific and relevant is key. What benefit(s) do you offer them and why should it be you that is the answer they need. Remember, just like in sales copy benefits are not the features, the color, size etc are not all that important. A benefit is “being seen as a green company,” “will build relationship within a specific comunicty that coproration wants” etc. Proactively give them all the answers to any objections they may have when you first approach them.

One final thought, during this research use your network to see if you can get personal introductions. Does somebody in your network know someone type of thing. Develop the relationship slowly, you don’t meet someone on the corner and say “Hey, let’s get married,” same thing here, learn about them first and let them know you are really there to be of service for them.

Have a great day whatever your adventure!

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