Sharon Sayler

Have the Tough Talks Without Fear and Anxiety

Magic WandDo you wish you had a magic wand to deal with difficult people?


…one ZAP! and all would be better….


In the give and take of a relationship, are you ALL give?


Do you say “Yes” in an attempt to avoid the pain of saying “No?” 


Have you poured your blood, sweat, tears, hours upon hours and tens of thousands of dollars … into learning how to have a successful business only to find that “IT” still isn’t working. You know who your ideal clients are, you know your expertise inside and out, so what’s wrong… why isn’t it still isn’t coming together?


What a pickle! Maybe it all comes down to how you communicate when you have to have those tough talks…. 


Do those moments when you have to have the tough talks make you choke up? Stress, sweat and anxiety comes across no matter how hard we try to fake it…. Listen up!, Faking it won’t let you say it in THE way to converts conversations to cash.

Distraught-50Maybe you are wondering how it look like I’m reading your mind? Because that was me just a few years ago. I was afraid to have the TOUGH TALKS too!! AND now you can learn the skills and techniques of how to have tough talks that actually save relationships. It’s time to switch out stress, sweat and anxiety for PROFITS AND PEACE OF MIND!

Isn’t it time to stop shrinking in response to your fear and anxiety about what someone else might or will say?

Imagine having the courage and confidence to speak and stand strong without having to get nasty or angry…. You can, when you know the verbal and nonverbal secrets to successfully deal with tough talks and “difficult” people.

In this 8-week experiential training and mastermind you will gain new ways to communicate what you really want to say. This isn’t some just sit there and take notes training. We get you in motion.  The reason is that studies show that once you have the behavioral experience, your mind can no longer tell you you can’t do it… so join me, behavioral change expert Sharon Sayler so you too can ~

– Use language patterns and scripts that change minds so that you will know how to get others to see your point of view with ease.

– Have the body language of confidence that you can use anytime, anywhere.

– Discover what is behind what is currently going on and how to change it FOR GOOD!

Tough Talk is only for you if you are willing to do the work. This is 8-weeks of solid transformation. We get you playing with the scripts and body language to understand what makes your success profit and peace of mind outcomes happen.

Yes, you will leave with the “soft-skills” and SCRIPTS that will immediately produce hard and fast results.  Isn’t it time to find the courage and belief in yourself?

What if Courageous, Confident, Collaborative, became your mantra?
It will! – with the Tough Talk Skills you will learn in just 8-weeks.


The Seven Skills You Will Learn and Done For You Scripts You Will Use Are:

  1. Simple Strategy Statement That Sells
  2. Head and Heart Negotiations
  3. No With Confidence
  4. Cultivating Collaboration 
  5. Conversations Into Cash
  6. Turning Objections Into Opportunities
  7. Top-Notch Testimonials and Referrals

Make this 8-week Training and Mastermind the start of the new you – the one that has the skills and courage to have the tough talks.

During each 60-90 minute webinar we will have a jam-packed live training (these are not pre-recorded or videos to watch) session using Done-For-You-Scripts working hands-on (via webinar) with me and other members of the Tough Talk group.

Then to make it even better, I’ve added a Mastermind! A mastermind is powerful because you will be surrounded by people just like you and sharing in yours and their successes. Learn what works for them – share what worked for you!!  You will leverage the knowledge and experience of many minds and more years of been-there, done-that to give you greater clarity to dealing with the tough talks including:

BoldHerTNIf you are serious about finally conquering what is holding you back Tough Talk is what you need to be doing now!   Grab your opportunity now in this very special 8-week training and mastermind.

Tough Talk Starts May 7, 2013. Your investment is only $697 —  (that’s only $87 a week). No kidding- that’s it… no early-bird pricing, no bait and switch, no Internet hype, no hidden fees or other costs – just the lowest price I can make it to get you to step out of your comfort zone and bust through to finally feeling how freeing it is to know how to have the tough business talks without damaging relationships, sacrificing sales or sabotaging your career.  

This training and Mastermind is jam-packed, so how could I possibly make it any better?

Well, act now and I’ll even throw two private 30-minute chats with me – to be used anytime during our 8 weeks together. (This private coaching offer is only for the first 8 people who take advantage of this great opportunity.) So, grab your chance now to invest in yourself and the skills of Tough Talks that will serve you for years to come.  Many even report these skills have helped their personal life too!


To Success! To Life!
Sharon Sayler, MBA, ACC, CEC

P.S. Isn’t it finally time you conquered the fear of conflict and how to make the tough talks easy once and for all? And if you want some backup, some support, some temporary permission, I have it. I believe in you even if you don’t yet.

What other professionals are saying about working with Sharon:

“Never have I been made so aware of precisely who I am and the countenance I present when communicating at a professional level, with immediate effect my life changed and significantly for the better. There are other coaches and techniques but none stand by comparison to the teaching of Sharon!” ~Efrat Cohen L.P.I., C.I.T.R.M.S, President, Global Intelligence Consultants

“…Sharon helped me with a short presentation I had to give. Her keen observation coupled with her understanding of non-verbal communication translates into a powerful coaching style that is both direct yet gentle. I would highly recommend her services to anyone committed to excellence. Her area of expertise is very unique and critical to anyone who presents or does public speaking.” ~Tricia Neves, President, San Diego, CA

“Your approach worked like a charm! It was fabulous having a very easy mental “flow chart” directing me what path to choose in speaking with them after a brief introduction…” ~Debbie Cason, Manager of Client Services, Macroeconomic Advisers

“I want to thank you so much. I have become more aware of my body language and now consciously try to correct myself with your useful tips. You have impacted me much more than you may have realized. I really feel as if you have helped guide me towards a better career path that is aligned with my ultimate goal: owning a wellness retreat. Thank you again!” ~ Naomi Mariano

“Sharon, Chris and I are amazed that those simple changes can make of world of difference in how we communicate. Thank you.” ~ C. Cannella