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Get your own hardcover, autographed copy of What Your Body Says (and how to master the message): Inspire, Influence, Build Trust, and Create Lasting Business Relationships

Cover of What Your Body SaysYour mouth might be saying one thing, but what about the rest of you? Does your body and attitude reflect your enthusiasm or detract from it? If you want your verbal and nonverbal signals working together seamlessly for maximum impact, What Your Body Says is filled with useful tools, strategies, and techniques to communicate with more clarity, inspiration, and influence.

“This fascinating book shows you how to become more influential and persuasive with every person you meet.”  ~ Brian Tracy, Author of The Power of Charm

PLUS FOR THE FIRST 50 PEOPLE get your own copy of Life’s Short. Live Passionately. as our gift to you!

~Michael Port, Author of Book Yourself Solid & Beyond Booked Solid says about this book ~ “Written straight from the heart, Sharon Sayler’s ‘Life’s Short. Live Passionately.’ invites us to know that within each of us is a life full of joy, success and passion. Your passion can change the world—but only when you make the choice to take action.”

We each have a life we envision, of success, passion and purpose. Learn to make conscious choices to design the life you desire.  Find your life balance and inner peace. Life’s short, live it passionately and on purpose. I Firmly Believe We Get Exactly the Life We Create from the Choices We Make!

Every day, we shape our reality by the way we present ourselves and the choices we make. The Life’s Short Live Passionately ideas, tips, techniques and tools have changed my life and the life of many of my clients.

  • The 3 Presuppositions of Living Passionately
  • The 4 most important steps to take when setting goals
  • The 5 keys to know when enough is enough
  • How to change your outcome, simply by changing your response

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Other Experts’ Products & Services

Full Voice: The Art and Practice of Vocal Presence – Barbara McAfee

FullVoiceBookWhat is your voice saying about you? Your voice matters. Based on your tone and expression alone listeners make up their minds about you before they even process the meaning of your words. And if what you say is at odds with how you say it, they can miss your message altogether.

Barbara McAfee offers a fun, tested method to harness the power of your voice to become a more effective and flexible communicator. She identifies five distinct vocal sounds—earth, fire, water, metal, and air—explaining how to cultivate each one. You’ll learn how to use your voice to support the meaning and message you want to convey. Using this book along with her free online practice videos you’ll experience an authentic shift in how you express yourself – and how you listen to others as well. You’ll discover how opening your full voice connects you to sources of untapped potential, power, and aliveness.

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Charisma: The Art of Relationships – Michael Grinder

Charisma(2)Known for his groundbreaking work in group dynamics, this time, Michael has written a book designed specifically for you– to help you create your own charisma. By identifying specific attributes that create charisma, Michael offers new and exciting communication techniques.

Charisma-The Art of Relationships is a blueprint of developing charisma, showing you proven methods to:

  • Understand and accept yourself and others
  • Separate your and others- intentions from actions
  • Interpret your and others- behaviors more accurately
  • Provide new ideas on resolving conflict including, knowing which conflicts not to try to resolve
  • Improve your leadership skills and manage difficult personalities

Charisma-The Art of Relationships answers these and more. Anyone who has ever owned a cat and a dog instinctively knows the differences between their personalities. By using the analogy of animals, this book examines people as if they are cats and dogs… Charisma-The Art of Relationships is not a personality model. It is a behavioral model assisting us in recognizing the patterns of communication between people. Recognizing patterns adds meaning to our perception. Developing both our catness and dogness results in increased charisma. A charismatic leader has a followship of dogs and a fellowship of cats.

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Managing Groups: Fast Track – Michael Grinder

MGFTFast Track is the Rosetta Stone group dynamics. Guiding the reader with simple, clear processes to build trust and relationships that sustain successful groups Managing Groups —The Fast Track is full of actionable insights. Michael Grinder is a visionary with group dynamics. Called the “group whisperer” Michael Grinder, changes the game by creating community and understanding even with the most diverse members of a group. His holistic approach to group dynamics accelerates the formation of thriving communities.

Managing Groups — The Fast Track gives the busy professional the “cliff notes” to group dynamics success based on Michael Grinder’s forty-years experience compiled in his integral work Managing Groups — The Inside Track. This book’s proven techniques give you the edge that successful leaders share—the art of managing groups quickly, precisely and powerfully!

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Book Yourself Solid – Michael Port

BYS(2)Book Yourself Solid, Second Edition reveals why self-promotion is a critical factor to success, giving you a unique perspective that makes this guide much more than an ordinary “how to” manual for getting more clients and raising a business profile.

Book Yourself Solid, Second Edition enables you to adopt the right promotional perspective and provides the strategies, techniques, and skills necessary to get more clients and increase profits. Through verbal and written exercises, you’ll discover the keys to developing a strong marketing plan and brand image.

  • Features unique, personalized, updated social media marketing strategies for service professionals
  • Provides new pricing models and sales strategies for simpler selling
  • Delivers fresh networking and outreach strategies guaranteed to take only minutes a day
  • Offers new solid product launch strategies and tactics for creating instant awareness
  • Author of New York Times bestseller, TV personality, and highly recognized professional speaker

Get the proven tools you can put into effect today with Book Yourself Solid, Second Edition, and watch your business grow exponentially!

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Sharon Sayler is licensed to teach the Book Yourself Solid® system, created by Michael Port, based on best-selling book, Book Yourself Solid®. Certain materials contained on this website may be the copyrighted works of Michael Port & Associates LLC.

Emotional Intelligence – Daniel Goleman

EIEveryone knows that high IQ is no guarantee of success, happiness, or virtue, but until the discoveries of modern brain researchers, theorists could only guess why. Daniel Goleman’s fascinating report from the frontiers of psychology and neuroscience offers us startling new insight into our “two minds” — the rational and the emotional — and how they together shape our destiny.

Beginning deep in the brain, Emotional Intelligence shows us the exact mechanism of an “emotional hijack,” when passion overcomes reason. Through vivid examples, Goleman then delineates the crucial skills of emotional intelligence, and shows how they determine our success in relationships and work, and even our physical well-being. What emerges is a crucial new way to talk about being smart. The final chapters reveal the possibilities — and limits — of “emotional literary,” as it is taught by both parents and educators. The book concludes with a compelling vision of what true emotional intelligence means for us both as individuals and as a society.

The message of this eye-opening book is one we must take to heart: the true “bell curve” for a democracy must measure emotional intelligence. Daniel Goleman offers a new vision of excellence and a vital new curriculum for life that can change the future for us and our children.

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Social Intelligence – Daniel Goleman

SIFar more than we are consciously aware, our daily encounters with parents, spouses, bosses, and even strangers shape our brains and affect cells throughout our bodies—down to the level of our genes—for good or ill. In Social Intelligence, Daniel Goleman explores an emerging new science with startling implications for our interpersonal world. Its most fundamental discovery: we are designed for sociability, constantly engaged in a “neural ballet” that connects us brain to brain with those around us.

Our reactions to others, and theirs to us, have a far-reaching biological impact, sending out cascades of hormones that regulate everything from our hearts to our immune systems, making good relationships act like vitamins—and bad relationships like poisons. We can “catch” other people’s emotions the way we catch a cold, and the consequences of isolation or relentless social stress can be life-shortening. Goleman explains the surprising accuracy of first impressions, the basis of charisma and emotional power, the complexity of sexual attraction, and how we detect lies. He describes the “dark side” of social intelligence, from narcissism to Machiavellianism and psychopathy. He also reveals our astonishing capacity for “mindsight,” as well as the tragedy of those, like autistic children, whose mindsight is impaired.

Is there a way to raise our children to be happy? What is the basis of a nourishing marriage? How can business leaders and teachers inspire the best in those they lead and teach? How can groups divided by prejudice and hatred come to live together in peace?

The answers to these questions may not be as elusive as we once thought. And Goleman delivers his most heartening news with powerful conviction: we humans have a built-in bias toward empathy, cooperation, and altruism–provided we develop the social intelligence to nurture these capacities in ourselves and others.

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 Talk Less. Say More. – Connie Dieken

talk lessTalk Less, Say More is a revolutionary guide to 21st century communication skills to help you be more influential and make things happen in our distracted, attention-deficit world. It’s loaded with specific tips and takeaways to ensure that you’re fully heard, clearly understood, and trigger positive responses in any business or social situation.

It’s the first book to deliver a proven method to master the core leadership skill of influence. Talk Less, Say More lays out a powerful 3-step method called Connect, Convey, Convince (R) and guides you in how to use these habits to be more influential. This succinct book solves your modern communication issues in today’s demanding, distracted world at a time when interaction skills are plummeting.

Communication is the single greatest challenge in business today. It takes just 3 habits to conquer it. Talk Less, Say More will help you achieve more with less. Less wordiness. Less tune-out. Less frustration. You’ll gain more time. More positive outcomes. More rewarding relationships.

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The Contrarian Effect – Michael Port & Elizabeth Marshall

CETimes have changed. The typical old sales tactics we’re all familiar with no longer work. Cold calling gets you nowhere, door-to-door selling is a nonstarter, and today’s consumers are too savvy for most traditional scripts and closing techniques. With those tactics, it takes more time and effort to reach fewer and fewer clients. If you’re still doing it the old-fashioned way, you’re probably barely keeping your career afloat.

If you want to stop treading water and start making sales, The Contrarian Effect has the answer. This sales approach is like no other in history. Not only do traditional sales tactics fail most of the time, we’re actually better off doing the exact opposite! It may sound crazy, but it’s not just a novel idea; it’s a counterintuitive approach to sales that really works.

High technology and instant communication have put customers firmly in control of the sales process. They don’t answer calls from unknown numbers; they demand honesty and transparency in the sales process; they are well informed about your product before they deal with you; and they have no patience for pressure tactics like closing questions. No wonder traditional sales methods no longer work.

Whether you know it or not, many of today’s best companies have already discovered the contrarian effect. They’re giving up high-pressure selling for low-pressure customer interactions. Other companies are ditching the shotgun approach and getting to know specific customers and what they like in order to offer them the exact kind of product they want. These are examples of the contrarian effect in action, and it not only works, it works well.

If you or your organization is in the sales doldrums, it’s time to shake things up. Read The Contrarian Effect and discover how profitable it can be when you take the old rules and do the exact opposite.

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The Synergist – Les McKeown

synergist_cover_3d-200-258In The Synergist, author Les McKeown delivers a model that shows leaders where they fall in his model and then provides a roadmap for improving leadership that does not lead to compromise rather leads to success.  McKeown describes each of the three ‘natural’ styles in detail and illustrates how and why they best work together (and when and why they don’t). He also introduces us to the crucial fourth style – The Synergist. In distinction to the ‘natural’ VOP styles, we see that The Synergist is a learned style that anyone can develop and use in a group situation. We are shown that while great leaders intuitively act as Synergists in order to lead their groups to great success, in fact anyone who understands the VOP roles can transcend their own natural style, learn to be a Synergist and lead their business, division, department, project, group or team to Predictable Success. McKeown provides the reader with a detailed step-by-step guide to developing their Synergist skills, and shows how to use them to lead any group to Predictable Success.

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The 5 Love Lanuages – Gary Chapman

5lovelanguagesMarriage should be based on love, right? But does it seem as though you and your spouse are speaking two different languages? New York Times bestselling author Dr. Gary Chapman guides couples in identifying, understanding, and speaking their spouse’s primary love language—quality time, words of affirmation, gifts, acts of service, or physical touch.

By learning the five love languages, you and your spouse will discover your unique love languages and learn practical steps in truly loving each other. Chapters are categorized by love language for easy reference, and each one ends with specific, simple steps to express a specific language to your spouse and guide your marriage in the right direction. A newly designed love languages assessment will help you understand and strengthen your relationship. You can build a lasting, loving marriage together.

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