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What Your Body Says

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What Your Body Says is filled with useful tools, strategies, and techniques to communicate with more clarity, inspiration, and influence. Is your body language matching what your mouth is saying? If you want your verbal and nonverbal signals working together seamlessly for maximum impact, What Your Body Says is filled with useful tools, strategies, and techniques to communicate with more clarity, inspiration, and influence:

  • Become aware of the signals you are sending—intentionally and unintentionally—and their effects
  • Understand and use your gestures, eyes, tone of voice, and other nonverbals
  • Combine the different tools into a new, highly effective communication style
  • Apply the concepts in this powerful guide and the personal and professional results—stronger relationships, influential leadership, and enthusiastic responses—will start coming in loud and clear!
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“This fascinating book shows you how to become more influential and persuasive with every person you meet.” ~ Brian Tracy, Author of The Power of Charm

Train your body to communicate with confidence and clarity-have your body match what your mouth says…

The popular phrase “leading from influence” takes for granted that influence derives chiefly from verbal communication. However, communication is about more than words. To get to the next level in your career, you must communicate with your entire self.

What Your Body Says gives you the straight-up “how-to” on unifying what you say with what you do, allowing you to better connect with other people and reach your full leadership potential. It gives you a clear and simple process to follow, all drawn from an intense study of how language impacts people’s lives and emotions. Filled with useful tools, strategies, and techniques, this book gives you the key to

  • Speak intelligently while looking smart, engaging and real
  • Deliver unpleasant messages without pain or guilt
  • Having a committee meeting and getting something done
  • And more

Written by Sharon Sayler, a highly accomplished expert in marketing, presentations, and body language, What Your Body Says is the only guide you need to achieve the competitive edge in your personal and business communication style.