• Does leading your team make you think that herding jello would be easier?
  • Maybe you knew you wanted to be a transformational leader but now the only thing being transformed is your blood pressure.
  • Worse yet, maybe you aren’t “really the leader” so what can you do other than sit there and sizzle….

I know, I hear you, I’ve been there too. Over the years I’ve both been on teams, lead teams and facilitated many a meeting and the one thing I can count on coming up time and again is personality conflicts. These conflicts are not outright fist-to-cuffs, yet personality conflicts produce a simmering and stewing underneath the surface.  They start small, often between just two members, then slowly infects the entire team.  If left untreated it can lead the entire team to become so dysfunctional that all progress grinds to a halt.

Sure we can say, “Let’s all be ‘adult’ about this,” but what does that really mean?  In my work, I’ve called those people who can see all sides and bring divergent personalities together a liaison. While  some people are innate liaisons I know liaison skills can be learned.

While modeling for others and coaching team members to develop liaison skills, I’m always looking for ways to further the participant’s understanding of the exact skills and behaviors a person needs to be a liaison. Now, I’ve found it, thanks to Les McKeown’s new book The Synergist.

Often the greatest variable in success are the people involved in the process. In The Synergist, Les builds upon the groundbreaking work of his last book Predictable Success and goes into detail about how any individual can lead a group to success with or without the formal title.

The Synergist breaks down the three main personality styles we often have to work with, how they work (or don’t work) together and how we can become (and help others become) that person that provides the synergy to propel our team forward, transcend our baseline behaviors and quickly, precisely and powerfully become a leader of leaders whether you have the corner office or not.

If you work with others and want to quickly become the go-to person, I highly recommend you buy The Synergist.

Enjoy the adventure

Note: I meet Les in 2010 when we were both speaking at Book Breakthrough NYC. That photo to the left is Les and I together at that event. I wanted you to know while I did get an advance copy of The Synergist, I have no connection, financial or otherwise (other than I like the guy and his work) with Les or his books. I just like to share knowledge that I find relevant, helpful and easy to implement. I like Les’ books a lot and highly recommend them – pre-order The Synergist today.