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Have you noticed how much “text-talk” is becoming part of our unconscious response… does it bug you as much as it bugs me?

Then again, I can’t wag my finger…

I received an email that ended in “LMK if you want to discuss further.”

I had to go to my son and ask, “What is LMK?”

Response: “LMK = Let me know”

Fair enough-makes sense.

From my iPhone I replied “TY. I wish people would spend two seconds and just write it out.”

His response back, “So was your “TY” meant to be ironic?”

I could only respond with “LOL touche…”

Life Lesson 12,308, 923 (but whose counting)…You better be careful what you rant about.

Enjoy the adventure
To Success! To Life!


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2 comments on “Random Rants
  1. Darinda on said:

    Hi Sharon
    Your rant made me laugh, and want to cry.
    Yesterday an author was visiting our office (publishing). Discussion soon turned to the Kindle, and the book reading it makes available at the touch of a button. A plus, I would say in terms of meeting the masses where they are. But I, personally, would miss turning pages. Truly the feel of paper is part of the experience. Yet, if I were riding the bus every day, how convenient that electronic reader would be!
    Talk soon turned to the IPhone and how books are now available there. On that little screen the size of an index card. Oh my.
    I wonder what John Milton would say about this? I suspect, but haven’t tested to be sure, that the first sentence of Paradise Lost would not even fit on one screen “page” of the IPhone. Sad.
    Will we begin writing to fit the media? Will we soon be writing one sentence paragraphs. Will the sentences soon just become random strings of characters?
    Will they be filled with LMK and TY and LOL and DH and BFF? TTYL, BFF. LMK if you want to grab a bite. Oh my.
    Perhaps your blog entry should be called, “Ode to the Loss of the Richness of Language.”


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