Like so many, I’ve read books like The Secret and thought, well, if only it were true…

I admit it, I’m as skeptical as they come concerning techniques that include a magical “zap” and you’ve manifested your heart’s desire.

Just as a magician pulls a rabbit out of a hat, I always thought it intriguing, and wouldn’t it be wonderful to have an “endless supply of rabbits…” but I’ve never completely understood the trick…. Most manifestation books I’ve read hold very little real “how do I make it work for me” techniques, until now.

In Cara Lumen’s new book, How To Read The Signs and Signals That Help You Build Your Business From Your Inside Out I have found a short, yet jam-packed book with techniques, tips and secrets that really work. It is a practical guide for not only business building, but all of life.

Ms. Lumen’s down-home, engaging writing style walks you through a wide variety of techniques that she has personally tried. Interspersed throughout the techniques are personal stories and vignettes of clients with comments on what worked, what didn’t and how she and her clients have adapted the methods to “try dreams on for size” and make the techniques work for them.

I love the fact that this book isn’t written as dogma; rather, as it’s truthfully stated in the opening paragraphs, “This book will help you tune into your intuition.” And it did just that. Reading it has presented me with a variety of ways to “tune-in” to gain a better reception / perception of those secret messages.

The brilliance of this simple book is that it is simple. Ms. Lumen, simple is a grand compliment. Just like a secret decoder ring from my childhood storybooks, Ms. Lumen’s guide unlocks the potential for all to have what they desire most. Extraordinary happenings are happening all around you!  

Get Cara Lumen’s How To Read The Signs and Signals That Help You Build Your Business From Your Inside Out to know how to trust your interpretation to guide you to your heart’s desire.

Enjoy the Adventure,