Double your money, double your success!

Our guests on Beyond Lip Service  (#BlogTalkRadio – July 20th are a powerful double duo who have teamed up to bring a cutting edge process to create real breakthroughs in money and increase your business.

Nan Akasha, CHT is a hypnotherapist, a Spiritual Money Attraction & Wealth Creation Mentor and Wealth Esteem expert. A #1 bestselling Author of “Already Rich! Secrets to Master Your Money Mind” you can find her at

Loren Fogelman Since 1984, Loren has provided support through therapy, focusing on the mindset to help her clients reach their peak potential. Loren is a masters level therapist passionately devoted to helping her clients reach their peak potential. She is also a certified advanced Emotional Freedom Techniques Practitioner and her website is

Nan and Loren are going to share with you today the 5 key areas people and entrepreneurs get stuck in creating more income, attracting money, and building a business and a life aligned with purpose and passion. Their class coming up August 4th is called Wealthy You: Creating Breakthroughs in Money and you can see all about that at

On this show, just some of what we will learn is:

  • Unique and dynamic way to create breakthroughs.
  • How we have breakdowns in our lived right before  big change, and transforming breakdowns into breakthroughs, and why now it is so vital to do this.
  • Why the mindset is so important in transforming and in attracting the new life, income… that we desire.
  • Why is it people tend to focus on lack instead of abundance, and how can we create breakthroughs to abundance.

They have designed a 5-week class to create breakthroughs by using hands-on techniques, tools and guidance.

Week 1: Breakthroughs in Doing the right things, at the right time, with the right intention: Includes; Getting started Getting out of your comfort zone, taking action, feeling stuck, procrastination, overwhelm,
Getting everything done, Concentration, Consistency.

Week 2: Breakthroughs in Worthiness, Wealth Esteem Courage and Confidence through Life Purpose Alignment. Includes: Boost your Worthiness and Abundance through Aligning with your life purpose that I deserve it, I don”t deserve to be wealthy, Searching for abundance via my life purpose. Worthiness, Courage, self confidence

Week 3:  Breakthroughs in Client (job) Attraction & Charging what really worth (with ease). Includes: Valuing yourself & your work, Charging enough, meeting new ideal clients, finding the right customers

Week 4: Breakthroughs Blocks, Beliefs and Clarity. Includes: Limiting beliefs, Feeling blocked, Getting clear, How to get rid of limiting beliefs and feelings

Week 5: Breakthroughs in Fear, Failure, Loss and Debt. Includes: Getting over the fear of losing my wealth, Having debt, Saving money. Dissolving fear of loose into a vision to attract and grow.)

They have a passion to help people create breakthroughs, and transform their income satisfaction and build a life of purpose… and they have a special offering to make it possible for listeners of Beyond Lip Service and fans of What Your Body Says on Facebook.  — $100 off the already low price of $497. Our price is $397.00 sign up. This special price is good through July 22, plus get a bonus audio on transforming breakdowns into breakthroughs.

Learn more on becoming a Wealthy You! Creating breakthroughs in Money — find out more by going to