Why can’t we get things done…. Maybe because we don’t know what the real goal is?? Gary and I discuss the foundation of Well-Formed Goals and why we need them.

6 Must-Haves to have Well-Formed Goals  


Must be stated in the Positive

What do you want? Not the whys you don’t want it…


Sensory Specific

How will I recognize when you have this?

How will you know when you have this?

What will you see, hear, feel, taste, smell?


The Context

Where and when do you want to have this goal?

Where and when do you not want this goal?


Self achievable

It is very important that the outcome must be within their own sphere of influence, namely something you have control over.

What resources do you need to be able to achieve this?

What do you need to do to achieve this?

Is this something which you, yourself, can achieve?
Or does it require that OTHER person or people behave in a certain way?



The advantages and the disadvantages. There are always disadvantages in making a change – being alert to these keeps the person `at cause’ by making it their choice.

What are the advantages of making this change?

What are the disadvantages of making this change?

What will achieving this lose you? Become?



The motivation question: which of your values will be fulfilled by achieving this outcome – the benefits.

What’s important to you about getting this?

What will this outcome help you avoid feeling?

What is the benefit of this outcome?

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