By Guest Blogger: Ann Convery

Why NAMING Your Systems, Services, Programs and Procedures Can Increase Your Profits.

Why name what you do?  Because if done right, it will make you more money.

Tell me, what would you rather have?

— A cup of coffee or a Tall, Grande or Vente?  Frappucino?

— A hamburger or a Big Mac?

— A glass of water or l’eau mineral?  How about H2OM?

— Running shoes or Nike Zoom Mawlers?

— Mascara or Volumizer? (Note how the transformation is contained in the 2nd name.)

— A cell phone or an iphone? (Note how the ultra-cool brand is contained in the 2nd name.)

— Would you rather “do research” or Google?

— Join a membership site or a Diamond Mastermind?

9 Reasons To Name Your Products, Systems, Products And Procedures.

  1. A name creates contrast – an Old Brain tool that makes decisions easy.
  2. A name creates exclusivity (I have it, you don’t.)
  3. A name creates a community – (Want to hang with the In crowd”)
  4. A name creates a seductive gap between you and others – essential for creating desire.  (If you had this you’d be happier/richer/healthier/smarter/etc.)
  5. A good name should be either exotic or simple street language – another Old Brain favorite.  (Makes you feel comfortable – or – chic, cool, savvy)
  6. A great name is visual – most brains process visually.
  7. A great name contains the transformation that occurs. (Volumizer, Pampers)
  8. A name is proprietary – name it and you claim it.  Forever!  (ask Steve Jobs)
  9. A great name stimulates “gotta have it” emotion – essential!

Notice how many ultra-successful entrepreneurs NAME their systems and programs.

— 6-Figure Teleseminar Secrets – Lisa Sasevich
— Big Mission, Big Sales – Lisa Sasevich
— The Millionaire Protégé Club – Ali Brown
— The Invisible Close – Lisa Sasevich
— How to Charge What You’re Worth and Get It – Kendall Summerhawk
— Life on Your Terms – Anthony (Tony) Robbins
— The Ultimate Edge – Anthony (Tony) Robbins
— Ring of Fire Coaching Club – Howie Jacobson
— Simplifying and Demystifying New Media So You Can Profit from It – Sherman Hu
— Instant Wealth-Wake Up Rich! — Christopher Howard
— Chicken Soup for the Soul – Mark Victor Hansen

Why create a powerful, emotion-driven, trigger word, high-contrast name?  So more people will want what you have, urgently.  And you can charge more for it.
Thanks Ann, you are so right about the names we select.

Have a great day whatever your adventure



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