A great little bit of wisdom here in this story shared by my friend and fellow coach Ann Convery.

Never Show Them Your Toolbox

Jack was a spectacular business consultant.

His corporate clients increased their sales by 20-30%.

All his prospects wanted to know how he did it. He never told them.

“I tell them I sell 20% more revenue,” said Jack, “and then I shut up.”

“I never say:  “You will have to change your behavior, grow new habits,
and get your leadership and sales under control.”

They would say, “Ugh!  That won’t work!”

Jack knew that the moment he showed people how he did it, or
showed them the tools in his toolbox, they would stop being excited
about his results and start thinking.

Thinking thoughts like,

“I’ve done that before.”
“Oh, I’ve heard of that.  Doesn’t work.”
“Sounds too hard.”
“I have to do WHAT?”

When you tell people beforehand how you get your results….
they will use a variation of the 3 most dangerous words in the English language,

“I know that!”

And all the excitement, the anticipation, the mystery, the intrigue, will vanish.

Telling people how you do it is dangerous.

It gets their “Little Brain” thinking…

and all it can think of is why your process won’t work.

~ Because it’s never experienced success with you before. ~


The Little Brain can’t imagine what it hasn’t experienced.

So don’t go there.

Don’t show them what’s in your toolbox.

Try it.  It works.

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