So cool, that I just became Business Coach for…. and many of you know I write for several different groups. The following article is for July’s issue of the Book Yourself Solid News…  thought you might find it helpful as well.

Where’s My Lifeline?

When I first heard this month’s theme — “How do you replenish yourself when you are feeling swamped?” I couldn’t get the pictures of being up to my a** in alligators or being sucked under by quicksand out of my head… so what would one do when they feel sucked-under by events?

Well, first researchers from the University of Amsterdam have concluded that  “…a person trapped in quicksand is not in any danger of being sucked-under completely, that is, as long as they don’t flail around…”

Flail around…?
So, that would mean movements without forethought cause the “trapped” to sink deeper.  That would suggest it best to stop struggling before the “quicksand” pulls you deeper and ask… How did I find myself knee-deep, right here, right now?

Once you remember what got you knee-deep…
Determine a firm bottom-line for what you will and will not accept. Often times, that involves setting and maintaining boundaries with people.

Stay focused on this bottom-line. It is all too easy to be re-sucked into those old defeating attitudes and behaviors. This isn’t always easy. The quicksand research states that the “required force to pull a foot out of quicksand is about the force needed to lift a medium-sized car.”  Sometimes it feels that way when you are trying to changing long-held habits too. Stay strong! When looking for that new bottom-line consider—

* What am I demanding or not demanding of myself?
* What will I accept and no longer accept in my life?
* What do I aspire to be?

Not desire, ASPIRE
Accept where you are now. (No fantasy thinking allowed.)
Stop the momentum.
Prepare for new direction.
Innovate and integrate.
Review all realities.
Envision, Enact and Enjoy

Remember it’s not where you start… it’s where you finish!
Have a great day whatever your adventure!
To Success! To Life!