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Why Boys Will Be Boys and Men Will Be Men…. with Janet Allison and Sharon Sayler
Understanding our Lively Boys and Men!
In Janet's interview we learned:

  • The differences between the male and female brain
  • How we need to adjust our communication styles to fit
  • What boys (and men) need to succeed – at school and at home
  • and What to do with their exuberance!

Janet's new Book is:  Boys Alive! Bring Out Their Best!  Get your copy at
She also offers online trainings and workshops in Parenting for Life: Building Fundamental Skills also known as:  How to Raise Nice Children   Available on   Direct link is
Janet has a special offer for Beyond Lip Service listeners — Access to Boys At Home advice page at:  Password:  boys2009
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How to Find, Hire, and Lead “Rock-Star” Employees with Eric Herrenkohl and Sharon Sayler
Herrenkohl Consulting  Website:

The main points to be covered:

  • How to hire great people even if you don’t have a dominant brand or a big HR department, and how to leverage the existing assets of your business to do so.
  • How to out-recruit your competition consistently.
  • Why better recruiting equals better leadership and accountability.
  • Interviewing strategies to find A-players and weed out weak performers.
  • How to lead superior performers and turn B-players into A-players.

During this interview you will learn:

  • Recruiting strategies for finding A-players that can be implemented immediately.
  • Cost-effective recruiting steps that don’t require a big HR department to implement.
  • How to use your current marketing & sales activities to recruit A-players.
  • Why courageous leaders are always focused on recruiting their next A-player.
The Secret Code of Success with Noah St. John and Sharon Sayler

We learn that the subconscious (hidden) mind makes up 90 percent of total brain function, and fear of accomplishment resides in our subconscious; people are often their own worst enemies on the road to success. Noah St John's 7- steps are asking empowering questions that change subconscious thought patterns from negative to positive; needing others’ unconditional support; using necessary support systems such as introspection and simplifying your life; taking a break from the familiar goal-related activities; stopping the attempt to protect, punish, or please others; saying no when you mean no; and finding your purpose or mission and start living it.

Sick of Being Single with Dr. Eric Schneider and Sharon Sayler
Dr. Eric is all about relationships….

What curiosity can do very often is that it can help you suspend the lens a little bit so that you can actually see the other person. Actually it’s the drug of falling in love, the tegmental area of the brain kicks off when we fall in love, and we’re no longer in our right mind, so to speak!

More about Dr Eric:  He believes that at the end of the day, our ultimate happiness happens as a direct result of satisfying and gratifying relationships.  For the past 21 years he has been the director of Spiritual Counseling at Friends In Deed in nyc that offers emotional and spiritual support for anyone dealing with a life threatening illness grief and loss. In his private work he brings his background in spirituality, neuro-science, counseling, coaching and clinical hypnosis to his work with his private clients helping them get out of their own way so that they can enjoy great relationships with themselves and with others.

He is the author of up coming book, "How To Get Out of a Bad Relationship Without Feeling Like a Jerk, a Looser or a Failure." You can visit him at

Dealing with the ever changing workplace with Laura Goodrich

Strategy number 1: Be realistic about change.
Strategy number 2: Be open to feedback and create the place for dialogue.
Strategy number 3: Don't wrap your heart around one central idea.

About Laura: At On Impact we are dedicated to bringing products to the marketplace that help organizations successfully maneuver the wild road of change. Laura Goodrich is an expert in workplace dynamics and change. Greg Stiever is an Emmy award winning producer and director. The core of their work is storytelling.

Laura Goodrich does a video blog about strategies that help people successfully maneuver the next decade.
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