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Are you ready to have more influence, respect, and to be taken seriously—and to be seen as the leader they are meant to be? If you’re not winning the respect, clients, promotions, and income you deserve stop worrying about what you’re saying and start wondering what other messages you are sending.

Or maybe you are great in-person but crash and burn via video. Has the quick pivot to digital communication left you unprepared? Are you still seen as a leader, trusted resource, and expert now that it’s all via video? Maybe not… I’ve seen too many remarkable leaders and professionals ‘crash-and-burn’ as they try to transition to virtual meetings and video team management. It’s excruciating to watch… Drop me a note via the contact page if you’d like to Master Body Language in the Digital World: Your New Secret Weapon to Command the Screen

Competitive Edge Communications helps individuals and organizations of all types and sizes successfully develop the high-stakes and critical communication and team skills necessary for top-performing sales, management, leadership development, and teams to meet and exceed company goals….

Are you committing subtle sabotage in your career and don’t even know it?

Nobody Is Telling You This!

Updated for today, the ebook, ‘7 Things Nobody Is Telling You That Can Cost You Clients, Sales, and Even Your Career,’ Sharon Sayler shares the seven BIGGEST MISTAKES she sees are so subtle few people realize that is what is sabotaging their career. As her gift to you, get the ebook now to tap into Sharon’s extraordinary nonverbal expertise and find out if you are doing any of these subtle seven…

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Rebecca Miller

Sharon did a great job presenting to our eWomen Network Chapter. All of the attendees were really interested in her topic of Body Language. Sharon did a great job relating to the audience and keeping them engaged. I just wish she had had a longer amount of time to present! She has a wealth of knowledge that is invaluable and I highly recommend her as a speaker.

First and foremost Sharon is a true professional in everything that she does. Her communication style is gentle and firm in all the right places. She makes a big impact and leaves you feeling supported and understood. …Sharon helped me with a short presentation I had to give. Her keen observation coupled with her understanding of non-verbal communication translates into a powerful coaching style that is both direct yet gentle. I would highly recommend her services to anyone committed to excellence. Her area of expertise is very unique and critical to anyone who presents or does public speaking.

Sharon Sayler delivers a proven formula to confidently, powerfully, and authentically align what you say verbally with the message your body communicates. Her simple step-by-step strategies, techniques, and exercises ensure quick, easy, and effective implementation. I now recommend this book to all my clients. What Your Body Says is an essential read for every entrepreneur, executive, and business leader.