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Sharon, your approach worked like a charm!  It was fabulous having a very easy mental “flow chart” directing me what path to choose in speaking with them after a brief introduction….”  ~ Debbie Cason, Manager of Client Services, Macroeconomic Advisers

Are you wishing you could be seen differently? 

Do you wish people would immediately pick up on the fact that you are smart, competent and able to lead?

What if you could change that false or first impression others have about you?

Imagine getting others to buy-into your ideas in a big way?

Do you wish you could connect with anyone – anywhere?  Well, let’s chat then because professional women and a few courageous men come to me when they want to have more influence, respect, and to be taken seriously—and to be seen as the leader they are meant to be.

For example, Eva is a 37-yr-old and the founder of an international corporation. She thought the reason her prospective clients weren’t taking her seriously was because of her age and gender. It wasn’t, it was her body language. After only a ninety-minute session, she stopped sending the wrong nonverbal messages. She saw immediate results that afternoon. She is now perceived as the leader she wants to be.

I show you the small tweaks and changes that will make the biggest impact in the quickest possible way… all with easy-to-implement, high-impact success strategies that turbo-charge your leadership, relationships and communication (both verbal and nonverbal) including getting people to do what you want them to do, gender differences, boundaries and expectations, being seen as a leader, team building, and insight into why your team or group behaves the way they do.

Consider, Sue, a VP at a multi-national corporation for 9-years came to me because she wanted to be the Senior VP level. Can you imagine, for 9-years she had struggled to get taken seriously? She couldn’t understand why she couldn’t break through… with one short observation, she was saying “assistant” not executive with her words and body language…  With just a few tweaks and her now consciously understanding the messages to send… soon she got that promotion.

Or Jack, who had the presentation of his life in just a few short weeks. He was having to open for the top man – the CEO, who is loved by clients, investors and media alike… We knew he had to shine and he did once we coaxed out his natural charm and charisma on stage. He reveled in the praise he received after the talk, including praise from the CEO. Way to go, Jack!

And I just love what happened when ‘Martha’ came to see me privately after hearing me speak at NAWBO – she said “Sharon, why does everyone think I’m judging them, why do they think I’m always criticizing them?”

Simple fix, she is someone who is big on systems and processes, as such she always has to put things into steps, checklists etc. She can’t help it – she’s wired that way. Once I showed her the face she was making when you asked her a question similar to a question her boss would ask she immediately got it. We worked on ways to still honor her need for systems and not make that face! She told her boss and they both had a great laugh but more importantly, she went home, told her husband what she had learned and what she was now going to do instead. He grabbed her in a BIG bear hug and said: “I thought for all these years you hated every idea I had!” She swears that one insight saved her job and her marriage….

Small changes make significant impacts!

…just like these people found from working with Sharon….

“Sharon, Chris and I are amazed that those simple changes can make of world of difference in how we communicate. Thank you.” ~ Christine Cannella, Miami Florida

“Sharon is a masterful speaker with warmth, depth and a wealth of knowledge.  She keeps the audience engaged through humor, insights, and dynamic speaking. Her suggestions and ideas have been valuable to me in my career and personal development. I highly recommend Sharon.” ~ Denny Stockdale, Stockdale Resource Group

“I’m having fun with the techniques you’ve provided thus far.  I have diffused several incidents – surprising how effective your techniques and how spot on you were about what was going on” ~ Liam O’Brien, New Haven CT

I only work with serious professionals who want to be true to who they are, show up with confidence and courage and be the leader they are meant to be to change the world to be a better place for all. I’m passionate about helping others show up with courage, competence, and confidence.

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